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1 undershaft

Cheers, Jonn! City Monitor is now live in beta at Is mass tourism destroying the beauty of Venice? Not to mention The Princess Tower, The Cheesegrater and the Lady Shave. Surely nobody could think that 1 Undershaft is less appropriate than any of those. The tip of 1 Undershaft. See?

Why not like us on Facebook, too. © 2020 BBC. Honestly. UN chief António Guterres calls it "an agonising milestone" as the fight to stem the virus continues. SCROLL DOWN. Regular CityMetric readers may have already noticed a few changes around here since the spring. Minds like sewers, you lot. Video, Captive whales take first swim in sea sanctuary, 'You're an opera singer? My background includes having served as the founding editor of CityLab, editor-in-chief of Atlas Obscura, and editor-in-chief of DCist, a local news publication in the District of Columbia. Last March, it published a column by Will Self entitled “The Meaning of Skyscrapers”. It's simply how things are done. Therein, he noted that, “sometimes a cigar may be just a cigar, but a skyscraper is always a big swaying dick vaunting the ambitions of late capitalism to reduce the human individual to the status and the proportions of a submissive worker ant”. Our managing editor is Adam Sneed, also a CityLab alum where he served as a senior associate editor. VideoCaptive whales take first swim in sea sanctuary, Viewpoint: It's time to end our love affair with the car, 'You're an opera singer? Amnesty International to halt India operations, Cardinal Pell to visit Rome months after acquittal. SCROLL DOWN. There’s even a church nearby called St Andrew Undershaft. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7283 2000. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. Staff writer Jake Blumgart most recently covered development, housing and politics for WHYY, the local public radio station in Philadelphia. How did TikTok escape a US download ban? SCROLL DOWN. There’s even a church nearby called St Andrew Undershaft. Surely nobody could think there's anything remotely phallic about maypoles. Aviva plc Registered in England Registered number: 2468686 Registered office: St Helen's, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ It's simply how things are done. The architectural photographs I took of the site were commissioned by glazing specialist OAG and focus on the revolving-doors, illuminated panels and the enormous 7.6 metre high glass fins which cover the expanse of the first and second floors. Incidentally, the tower's architect Eric Parry wrote disapprovingly, some months back, that "An orgy of tall buildings will transform and arguably overwhelm London". Video, Dublin 'having someone different' as Lord Mayor, Captive whales take first swim in sea sanctuary. But you're not white...', Tourist faces jail in Thailand over hotel review, BTS to become multi-millionaires after label goes public, Covid-19: Tracking the outbreak, as deaths pass one million, Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning nursery children, Ai Weiwei: 'Too late' to curb China's global influence, No more 'ladies and gentlemen' on Japan Airlines flights, Coronavirus: New global test will give results 'in minutes', Trump taxes are 'national security' issue, Nancy Pelosi says, Coronavirus: New rules in Netherlands to cope with virus surge. We’ll do that through original reporting, expert opinion and most crucially, a data-driven approach that emphasises evidence and rigorous analysis.

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