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a change of mind the prisoner

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? [1], The broadcast date of the episode varied in different ITV regions of the UK. The Villagers turn on Number Two, who is forced to flee through the Village streets.

He is summoned before the village committee who decide he must undergo instant social training, though he is not actually given any treatment but led to believe he has. Number Two and Number Eighty-six discuss Number Six and reveal that the "ultra-sonic" lobotomy was an intentional sham, meant to convince the subject (in conjunction with the drug) that he has been lobotomised. On discovering this he hypnotizes the village doctor, Number Eighty-Six, into declaring that Number Two is 'unmutual' and Number Two is then pursued by the crowd. In Northern Ireland, the episode did not debut until Saturday 16 March 1968, and in Wales, the episode was not broadcast until Wednesday 18 March 1970. There he is strapped to a table and the Social Conversion process is explained to a Village television audience by Number Eighty-six, who is the chief technician in charge. Add the first question. Next morning Number Six is thoroughly shunned, and Number Two threatens him again with Social Conversion, which is a sort of lobotomy.

Since Number Six rejects this totally, he is sent to a hospital to have a kind of lobotomy. Themes explored include coerced confessions and medicalized political control; also conformity, methods of enforcing it, and the consequences of its rejection. Number Six visits Number Two and convinces him that the ploy has worked, informing him that he wants to publicly confess to "everyone". Who is Number Two? The "self-criticism" sessions were later copied by North Korea, along with other Soviet and Chinese methods of social control. With Patrick McGoohan, Angela Browne, John Sharp, Angelo Muscat. Back at the exercise site in the woods, the thugs again confront Number Six.

It was written by Roger Parkes and directed by Patrick McGoohan and ninth produced. Number Six again appears before the committee and is told he will be labelled for "Instant Social Conversion" if he doesn't fall into line. Number Two arranges for the whole village to hear Number Six speak. The episode was shown on Friday 5 January 1968 on Border Television (in a change from the previous Thursday broadcasts) and on Friday 12 January on Granada Television in the North West. Number Eighty-Six, an attractive female, chides Number Six for his non-cooperation. Number Two and Number Eighty-six discuss Number Six and reveal that the "ultra-sonic" lobotomy was an intentional sham, meant to convince the subject (in conjunction with the drug) that he has been lobotomized. After a brawl, Number Six is declared "unmutual" and is made to think that he has undergone "instant social treatment." It was first broadcast on 15 December 1967. Drugged, Number Six is subjected to an ultra-sonic treatment which lobotomizes him.

The use of show trials declined in the 1970s as they proved counterproductive and created martyrs. He then reads in the Tally-Ho and hears over the public address system that he is officially "unmutual". Number Eighty-six, still intoxicated with the drug, is hypnotised by Number Six and explains how the conditioning process was faked; she is given undisclosed instructions by Number Six.

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