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balinese cat hypoallergenic

Some breeders and others claim that Balinese cats are hypoallergenic. Very smart, and sweet. We do have a Balinese cat Benjamin ! Some years ago we bought cat in USA. Kalil, R. E. (1971), “Anomalous retinal pathways in the Siamese cat: An inadequate substrate for normal binocular vision,” Science, 174. Balinese cats do secrete less Fel d1, a cat-specific allergen that people react to, than some other cats. The hair does not obscure the long lines of the body. You can find out more about hypoallergenic cat breeds here. Balinese cats are affectionate. However these cats are no longer recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association as a separate breed. Don’t worry - we’ve done it for you! Males usually weigh between 6-8 lbs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We like the hypoallergenic aspect and intelligence of the breed. I absolutely adore them. Eventually, this genetic condition can lead to heart failure, depending on its seriousness. He is feisty and fun. He cuddles on HIS terms, and on the rare occasion of intense snuggle, he is quite demanding. balinese cat coat color and grooming Apart from coat size, the Siamese and the Balinese are indistinguishable, having a svelte however muscular physique with lengthy traces and a wedge-shaped head that’s lengthy and tapering from the slim level of the nostril outward to the information of the ears, forming a triangle. She isn’t a lap cat but occasionally does, but prefers being being by my head. Amazing! Omg, the tail rivals a Maine Coon. I am in the process of creating a discovery toy with cardboard paper rolls of different heights to drop things into. Keep in mind which qualities you’d like from a mixed breed cat. This article is spot on & very informative! Let us know in the comments! Interestingly, Siamese-related cats have a much lower risk of developing hyperthyroidism that can lead to heart disease. Chino. Though currently there is not a single test or finding that can guarantee a specific kitten or cat to be hypoallergenic and provide guarantee of such, the most common protocol that Balinese cat breeders have followed is in having visits and cat hair tests. The two types of Balinese are still analogous to their Siamese counterparts. But his being a cuddly cat he’s not. Ask questions. There are no guarantees for cat allergy sufferers. Like Siamese cats, Balinese cats have fine bones, and appear slim and silky. Within a month she wanted to be near me a lot. We have a lovely Balinese female named Lucy. With that being said, though there are some websites that have stated and have promoted that the hairless Spynx, Rag-Doll, Russian Blue, Oriental, Siamese and other cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic, we have concluded that the only 2 cat breeds that are true and genetically hypoallergenic are the Siberian and the Balinese cat breeds. Lipinski, M., et al (2007). Only you can decide if the Balinese cat will suit your needs. Animal Control brought her to my vet as she was so bad that she needed her back leg amputated.

A Balinese is definitely worth considering! Duncan, I. D. (2010), “Inherited and acquired disorders of myelin in the dog and cat,” Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings. Balinese cats are outgoing and gregarious.

Playful is an understatement, even for a kitten. Do additional research to see if the breeder has a good reputation. I adopted an ex breeder from a local reputable cattery last October and she has been wonderful. We have a male Balinese that we got as a kitten. So, there are other factors to consider. Balinese cats can be prone to feline hyperesthesia syndrome. This will include health testing as well as good diets and high levels of care. They are demonstrative about this affection too, which is lovely. I am worried that the talking will drive me crazy. With the growing popularity and demand of our cats, we have come to educate and provide many families with the hope of having a beloved companion through their acquisition of a Balinese cat.
The cats were called Balinese because their grace reminded one of these owners of Balinese dancers. They are closely related to Siamese, though. My Balinese cat Sarang Joy (about 14 months old?) I have 5 grandchildren under 10 and she is great with all of them but happy when they leave. Because they were originally bred from Siamese cats, pedigreed Balinese cats have the same colors as traditional Siamese cats. They love to climb, scratch their post, chase anything and each other at high speed around the house.

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