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best beatles music

Subtle poetic lyric that epitomizes hope. The song is mesmerising enough for my daughter to choose it as her wedding song, some 50 years (half a century! ) I still marvel at how this haunting song came to McCartney in a dream. Not to forget Lennon for the background vocals and Ringo on percussion. Thanks to everyone who voted. It is my go to song in any given event, happy or sad!

Fantastic song deserves to be great and is a truly inspirational song from a truly inspirational band 'simply the best'!Deserves to be higher up the list. Listen how the base plays a lick when the other instruments are 'low'.

As pretty as Hey Jude or Let It Be may sound, there isn't anything special about them. It should be number one! I've seen the movie Yesterday (twice), and honestly, I don't think it does the song justice. Still, each version is excellent! The band members are George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr.

The story behind the song is that McCartney’s mom came to him in a dream and told him, “it will be alright, just let it be”. Yeah! Best song ever!

PURE POETRY! He is almost as much of a genius musician and songwriter as John or Paul. It is, a song, that will never be forgotten, nor shall it grow old, nor shall it fade. ( except the octopuses garden).

This was a tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The verses are in 3/4 and slowly increase in tempo, then they shift into a perfect 4/4 chorus. Her Majesty- A little skit at the end of Abbey Road. Really good arrangement. I listen to it everyday and it never gets boring, you find something new in the song every time you listen, It's clear that John and Paul were the strongest songwriters in the Fab Four, but we know in the later years (when they were both at their best) that they hardly listened to each other. Go do baseball amazing son.

I can't help but be swept up by the momentum and happiness whenever I listen to it, and of course the movie it inspired is incredible too!

The Beatles’ name is a play on words stemming from the word Beetle, rather BEATles. "Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies. Listen to our best Beatles songs playlist on Spotify. I've been singing it since I was in 2nd grade. which added a good deal of complexity to the band's previously "bubblegum" pop sound. Between the years 1960 and 1970, the band recorded 12 studio albums and a few other scattered songs and recordings, across a diverse range of styles. To top it off the lyrics speak to everyone. The Magical Mystery Tour Singles were the best songs they wrote. I know it's the only song that everyone else who's not a Beatles fan knows, but it's definitely not their best song, not even top 5, Eleanor Rigby needs to be a lot higher, also In My Life needs to be higher, Here Comes The Sun is too high, Let it Be needs to be lower, and Twist and Shout is not even top 100, it's a good cover, but the Beatles have so many better songs also, get The Word, She Said She Said, Within You Without You, and I'm So Tired higher. It is one of those songs which will have polarizing listener's opinion. There is something absolutely magical about this song. I always think this sound them took them from just a band that made hit songs to a band that made REVOLUTIONARY songs. Picking the top ten Beatle songs is nearly impossible, when you look at their entire body of work. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Past Masters Volume 1. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time and for some reason, this has always been my favorite of their songs! Released in 1965 HOW DID IT GET SO LOW ON THE LIST. On Album The Beatles (The White Album) Sure, he didn't match their legacy in monetary worth but George is an absolute master of music. Every accomplished rock guitarist needs to tackle it and lay down their own expression of what the guitar, crying out to us about the human condition, sounds like. It's brilliant.

Greatest song ever written.

but to be honest all of them are my favorite. Released in 1970

Released in 1966, the Beatles opened up the scene for real psychedelic music. A rocker's favorite. He is as much of a genius as a musician and songwriter as John or Paul.

Ill always have this song with me. Listen to ballad versions of this (such as the version in Across The Universe) to really appreciate the quality of the melody, it's a truly beautiful song and it is the song that brought America to its musical knees at the alter of the Fab Four. I just remember it as one of the first songs that was out of the ordinary should have stood on its own rather than a b side. But this is my favorite Beatles song. This song should be #1, NOT HEY JUDE. I had to not vote for some of my favorites! 3. It is very simple. I mean, ...more. On Album Please Please Me Here are their Top 10 Beatles songs.

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