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best dunk contest of all time

Obscene. As if we needed another reason to be in awe of "His Airness," Jordan gave us one with this moment at Chicago Stadium.
If you're able to launch yourself high enough to reach up and over a 10-foot rim, why should we be impressed if you also jump over a guy who only stands 5'7"? How many were held against Jordan as the gold standard?
He even held that one longer for an extended effect. Brown relied more on the gimmicks than Kemp, who oozed athleticism, but the two made sure that the entire event took place above the rim. Here's a look back at the all-time top moments of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Howard had the arena in awe with his Superman routine that included a cape and matching shirt. Richardson's behind-the-legs reverse from the baseline continues to be one of the best of all-time. It needs names that will draw crowds. These golf games can be based on reality or have some elements of fantasy to it.

His competitiveness shined through in the final round as he perfectly balanced his desire to maintain his throne with an understanding of the developing Webb-centric story. He took off from the protected circle and secured the ball with his right hand and passed it through his legs, backward, to his left hand, before finishing a reverse dunk all in one motion. 4.

1. Get ready for Saturday's top plays from Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

Wilkins stuck to his playbook of power slams, double clutches and windmills to secure his second title. "Wow" moment: 10 out of 10. 1. Just dunks. 1. Howard showed just how far a little preparation can take you. This was the continuation of a duel that started in 1985, and both were fully invested in winning. Michael Jordan was in it. If he had executed some of his high degree-of-difficulty dunks in 2004 and competed under more sensible rules, Richardson easily could have been a three-time champion and been mentioned more regularly among the greats in the contest's history. Vince Carter put on a stunning display in his only dunk-contest appearance. Amazing. For two guys with no previous history and a fairly big disparity in on-court talents, Brown and Kemp staged a great two-man, back-and-forth contest. Rivalry: 10 out of 10. No contest built to its climax better than the one in 1988. Howard would be tied for the oldest dunk contest competitor ever at 34 years old - tied with the original ABA Dunk Contest champion Julius Erving- and just the sixth player over 30 years old to participate in the event. Total: 44 out of 50. Green didn't get his due in 2008, but we're giving it to him here. The class was strong once again, as is typical in this era of the NBA, with three former winners (Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Michael Jordan), three Hall of Fame players (Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan), and three other high-flyers. It wasn't completely mesmerizing, but it was a little ahead of its time and sharply executed. Unfortunately for Wilkins, 1988 will live on longer than 1985 because of who Jordan became and because His Airness' approach offered more accessible aesthetics. Let's never speak of it again. A two-hand windmill (14:43 mark) finally gave him the title over Jordan, setting up an epic rematch in 1988. He benefited completely from YouTube, Twitter and the viral-video phenomenon.

If you agree, the dunk contest from 2016 was the best dunk contest of all time! Variety: 9 out of 10. The table was set beautifully for his winning slam, which is one of the most-watched dunks in basketball history. Will LaMelo Ball be a good fit in the NBA.

What Spud Webb did in 1986 still doesn't even look real.

It helped that Kemp and Kenny Smith pushed him, improving the contest's overall quality, but Brown had that "it" factor that so many dunk contests lack.

Drexler's dunks in later contests were more creative than his 1985 fare. The 1986 contest champion bounced the ball for Robinson, who grabbed it and jumped over Webb for the dunk. Between the two of them, they arguably offered more excitement in 2000 than in the previous six contests combined. Second, a great dunk contest needs a well-rounded field. Richard Jefferson was the fourth entrant.

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