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bir base gravy

I decided to go for it – the results were just remarkable! Now gradually add the methi leaves and the remaining base gravy 100ml at a time, allowing it to thicken properly before adding more. At that point the oil separates out. I tried it once and every curry I cooked with that base tasted of peppers and celery. Not sure if you’ll see this on time – then again, given Lockdown. 10:30. I like to freeze it in curry or double curry size portions personally.

Without your clarification I might have been overcooking on the basis that ‘Romain uses gas and therefore gets much better heat than my electric cooker’. Making a new batch of curry base now to freeze for later on. Any advice on this? Hi, I have made the curry base as per instructions and frozen individual potions, can’t find a curry to add this too, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Never again. Use a big pot!
Keep up the good work. Now you are too…. Please can you point me in the right direction or tell me how I use this base. Romain, discovering your site has been truly revolutionary! Indian restaurant curry base or base gravy is the foundation of the whole thing. Always wondered what the secret was and by some magical alignment of the universe I found your website while falling down a totally unrelated web rabbit hole. I have never tried making concentrated curry base. Really works. The exact components of the base sauce and spice mixes were a closely guarded secret with each restaurant having its own unique recipe. Note that the recipes don’t really scale linearly and the heat required to get that restaurant taste mean that it’s best to make multiple small batches when serving larger crowds. Add some back in until you get to at least 16 cups. Also when you make the curry base, if you half the ingredients for it to make a smaller amount of curry base, should you reduce the cooking time at all or does this stay the same? Has anybody tried making curry base in a slow cooker/crock pot. Safest thing to do would be put a measuring jug on your scale. I am Indian and managed to replicate my mother’s food which for me is great but I wanted to take it to the next level.

You made my day! Latifs Inspired 486,564 views.

I’m not sure I understand the food science behind this one I am afraid. the onions shrink as they cook because water is being drive out of the onion but into the pot. So glad you found it and I hope you enjoy the recipes!

The real flavour comes from cooking the individual curries. Here are a few curry house style recipes you can use this sauce in now! You can adapt any of the Indian restaurant style curries on the blog to work with fish if that helps….

Totally agree! Curry base is at the heart of every Indian restaurant kitchen. Hi, do you have the recipe for your south Indian garlic chilli? It seems ideal for it.

I love this site!!

The Maillard reaction kicks in. It’s an imprecise system I agree.

I have a DCS 6 burner cooktop with each burner capable of outputting 20K BTU. I’ve seen people say that oil and water emulsify and the oil separates out after the water has evaporated. How long can you keep the curry base in the fridge? Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! 2 1/2-3 lbs is about perfect for this curry base. It’s what makes Indian restaurant curry what it is. Thank you so much. Anyway, great site and info, I’ve worked in an Indian restarant and the advice is spot on. It was 100% worth the effort.

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