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burmilla cat price

However, there have been cases of Burmilla affected by allergies as well as polycystic kidney disease.

We have the honor to introduce - Mrs Burmilla, English cat, aristocratic!

Burmilla: photo, price, description of breed, character, video, nurseries - Murkotte about cats and cats, What to feed jack russel terrier: the choice of feed and nutrition, Allergy to Yorkshire terrier, photo and video, How to train Yorkshire terrier, education, photo and video. The genes of Persian ancestors played an evil joke only in the fact that the Burmilys are prone to polycystic kidney disease.

ACT, NSW, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia NSW . The muzzle is short and wide, with noticeable cheekbones.

This was the beginning of a new breed of Burmilla = Burma + Chinchilla. The price of the burmes or burmilla cat is around 100 to 200 $ us depending on where you buy it. The Burmilla is a very attractive shorthaired cat of 'foreign type' and medium size, with the coat demonstrating a striking contrast between the Shaded or Tipped topcoat and a basecoat of either pure silver white or non-silver (also known as Standard), which is ivory or beige. Weight of an animal with a melodic name of Burmilla from 4 to 7 kg. Burmilla Cats: The Burmilla breed is a cross between Burmese and Chinchilla Persian cats.
Dec 16, 2016 - Explore ani's board "burmilla cat" on Pinterest.

As already hinted, the breed's birthplace is Great Britain.

If you are looking for a beautiful pet to accompany you, the cat fog meets all these characteristics.
One of these signs is a nose cone. It is interesting that the cats are much more "cute" of cats: ears are widely spaced, inclined forward; eyes are large, located far from each other, around the eyes black border. They have a solid wool fitted to the body with a noticeable tipping ring that can be red, creamy, lilac, and of course, the color of uncleaned silver. And the golden or silvery undercoat gives the wool an elevated look. A Burmillian kitten has such a physique that he is simply doomed to succeed. The average cost of a kitten is about 30 thousand rubles( 13 thousand hryvnia), the final figure depends on many factors. Burmilla can not tolerate loneliness - you should not leave them alone for a while or lock in an empty room.

Due to this, they are great on the photo! The wool on the back is always darker than the wool on the animal's belly.

Burmilla( Burmilla) is just one of the names of the generic.

In Russia and in Ukraine breeding of bourmills is very small, it is better and easier to buy a kitten abroad.

The wool of an animal is so beautiful that it is enough just once a week to nurse the pet. What did you see at the court? The main thing, do not forget to carry out preventive antihelminthic procedures, chase fleas. Burmilla Kittens for Sale: Burmilla Cat Breeders Kittens for Sale Australia Related Links: Burmilla Breed Profile : Australian Cat Breeders are in alphabetical order according to state.

Through the prescribed time, there were kittens, similar to the freedom-loving father.

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