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clematis varieties list

Cultural care of evergreen clematis is similar to deciduous forms. All rights reserved. Here are just a few to get you started, presented in the groups most clematis experts use to facilitate discussions of their care: ...such as white or pink Clematis montana, white C. armandii, nodding bellflowered C. alpina and C. macropetala. The variety is Armand’s clematis and it produces heavenly white blooms with a gentle fragrance. across (15-25 cm). (Note: The first two of these big clematis vines are renowned for fragrance. Beautiful but easy to grow climbing clematis vines such as Bees Jubilee, with mauve blooms, or C. macropetala, with blue flowers, produce blooms up to 5 inches across.

Mongolian Snowflakes, Tube and Fremont’s clematis are examples of these. HARDINESS | ZONE 4A-9B HARDINESS | ZONE 4A-9B SPACING | 36-48 IN. Crimson Ville de Lyon and magenta C. viticella ‘Grandiflora Sanguinea’ will add vibrancy and punch to the landscape.

PRUNING | GROUP 2, HEIGHT | 5-7 FT. HARDINESS | ZONE 4-9 They can be trained over trellises, arbors, pergolas, arches o… The last two are hardy but not fragrant. Clematis montana, deciduous, white, fragrant Clematis montana, hardy to zone 5 but flower buds often killed by late spring frosts. Unfortunately they are rarely successful in northern gardens because spring frosts often kill all the flower buds. However, there are also bush clematis plants that grow as shrubs or in upright forms. Then, shorten the remaining canes to remove all that's weak, cutting every cane down to a pair of plump, strong buds.

PRUNING | GROUP 2, HEIGHT | 8-10 FT. Evergreen clematis bloom in late winter to early spring and in temperate climates is one of the first vines to flower. This website occasionally uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. depending on species. HARDINESS | ZONE 4-9 **Some C. viticella hybrids can begin bloom with Group 2 and so can be treated as a 2. PRUNING | GROUP 2, HEIGHT | 8-12 FT. If in doubt, you will have to experiment by trimming at least a couple of vines and then watching to see if they bloom. Clematis ‘Henryi’ Violet to brown tinted centers on these clematis flowers contrasts strikingly with … Interesting thing about 'Nelly Moser' and some others: The second flush of bloom may be quite different from the first in color, size and even petal count (single vs. double). PRUNING | GROUP 3, HEIGHT | 8-12 FT. There are also bush clematis plants, which are different from the vine variety. One is by pruning group, and the other is as an evergreen or tender vine. These grow 20 inches to 3 feet (50 to 91 cm.) Whichever type you choose to grow, you can’t do better than a glorious clematis color show in your garden. HARDINESS | ZONE 4A-9B They often repeat blooming in late summer and early fall on new wood.

They bloom in late spring or early summer on the previous year's growth. To prune these: Cut back hard*** in late winter or early spring.

Sign up for our newsletter. SPACING | 24-36 IN. Clematis Asao. HARDINESS | ZONE 4A-9B These clematis are quite versatile. depending on species. There are over 200 species of clematis. Class 1 clematis bloom off of old wood while Class 3 plants bloom off of new wood. HARDINESS | ZONE 4A-9B

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