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cynthia haslam arnholt

Amit Choksi is a gastroenterologist with a practice in Columbia, Tenn. 7. Agents: none of record. This month in the area’s top home sales, the former Welch College library was sold as a single-family home, an Indian movie star and former legislator moved to a sweet abode in Brentwood, Gov. That deed was recorded Dec. 1, and so the home will likely appear in next month's "Headline Homes.".

The Shaws filed for bankruptcy liquidation in September. The home was sold by real estate agent Jason Bockman and his wife Erica. The matter remains pending. ", Allan is CEO of ClearTrack Information Network Inc., a supply-chain technology provider based in Brentwood, Buyers: John & Chantel Esposito Builder/seller: C. Rogan Allen 1641 Whispering Hills Drive, Franklin, 37069, Buyer: Reliant Bank The $17.9 million in total sales represented by November's top 10 amounts to only 2 percent more than October's totals, but in more typical years the number could have been expected to decline as the wintertime sales trough approaches.

Bill Haslam and daughter of Jimmy Haslam III, CEO of Knoxville-based Pilot Corp. Duraisamy is also a former Indian legislator and the current CEO of Middle Tennessee tech company Jeevan Technologies Inc. Buyer's agent: John Black (Realty Executives), Buyer: J. Michael Morgan, trustee of the Taggartwood Trust Sale price: $1.16 million Warner Music Group recently moved John Esposito from New York City to Nashville and put him in charge of Warner Music Nashville, a newly formed umbrella for the Warner Bros. Nashville, Word Entertainment and Atlantic Nashville record labels. Seller: Linda N. Tabor, trustee of a personal trust Seller: Marc T. McNamee, trustee in foreclosure against Brian D. & Jan B. Shaw Cynthia Haslam Arnholt is the niece of Gov. Sellers' agents: Judy & Richard Williams (Crye-Leike) Bill Haslam and daughter of Jimmy Haslam III, CEO of Knoxville-based Pilot Corp. The bulk of the college’s West End campus is being redeveloped by Mike Ford Homes.

Soon after the sale to Followill closed, Allen sold another new home on Trimble for $1.52 million. 3. 3. It was sold by Stephanie P. Edwards, the founder of Edwards Adoption & Family Law Office, and her husband Derek, a partner at Nashville law firm Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis. A foreclosure tops November's list of the biggest home sales in town, but more interesting transactions can be found a few notches down. Seller’s agent: Ellen Christianson, Christianson, Patterson, Courtney & Associates, Buyer’s agent: Katie Wayne, Clearbrook Realty, LLC.

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