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Also, you can track what you’d pay them and when you last called them! I am setting up my first journal tonight. Make a full list so you don’t forget. Anything for you Lori . Thanks for this list! Rate your favorite brands and track their effectiveness and prices. Thanks Rachel! Make a list of all of the podcasts you listen to and track the episode numbers. take to marinate or brine, for the perfect result! When you decide on a destination for your next trip, write out your reservations and what you want to do when you get there. Keep track of big (and small) milestones in your baby’s life. Stay updated on “what happened in this day in history.”. Make a list of your favorite spots to shop online, locally or in big cities. (and I love your cute pup too). Hear a funny curse word or phrase? Make a list of these so you know what to expect when the time comes.

Do you like to save? Write down any big milestones you’ve accomplished, so when it comes time to revamp your resume you’ll have a quick place to reference. I don’t know where to start. I crochet gifts for graduation and weddings in my family. So very excited and nervous but have a ton of guidance here in this post! Have you caught on to the Marie Kondo trend yet? Once you get EVERYTHING down that’s on your mind, you can organize and prioritize your list! Another idea is to write your favorite oil-mixes for aromatherapy.

Keep your tickets and any cool paper souvenirs to paste on your pages too!

List out your shared goals with your partner and monitor their progress. Explore keri's photos on Flickr. Keep up with the last time you changed out your toothbrush, mopped your kitchen, switched out air filters, etc.

If you’re lactose intolerant, track your symptoms and problem foods so you can make sure to stay away! List your favorite self-care ideas. Keep a list of your favorite products and hair care ideas in a spread. When you pay with a debit or credit card, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s leaving your bank account. Have a doodle you want to remember how to draw? If you’re planning to have children (or pets), it’s time to make a list of potential names for your new additions! All you need to get started though is a pen and paper, which are pretty cheap these days. Got the next big idea? If you’re a comic book lover or Avenger follower, make a spread based around your favorite superheroes. (I work at a pharmacy so trust me ). Between your graphic I downloaded and a bookmark at this post – I can’t “complain” that I can’t think of a non-planner spread to work on each week in my bullet journal! ❤️.

You’ll find a TON of inspiration on Instagram (or online, or even from a trip to Hobby Lobby) for any hobby you’re looking to pick up. Anytime you start a new subscription — WRITE IT DOWN and when it renews (so you don’t get an unexpected bill). Sometimes you just want to write, but you can’t come up with any ideas! If you’re trying for a baby, you can track your ovulation and period cycles in your journal. . Write down new aches or ailments you discover as you age. The lists of all these layout ideas has really opened my eyes to even more spreads and trackers to make that I’ve never thought of. There are a TON of celebrity chefs out there. List out the letters and their corresponding dots and dashes. Do you like trying new beauty products or household items? Ever hear of a cool holiday tradition you’d love to copy? I didn’t realize I need some of these in my journal lol! Have a long weekend coming up? I’m trying to break out of my perfectionist need to have my journal in order, so I’ll have to try some of these. Very useful!! Try and make it interesting and track record-breaking numbers and weather phenomenons! Thanks again. Take a personality test, like the Meyers Briggs or Enneagram test, and make a spread based around that personality type. Thanks so much for helping us with our journaling. Works a full-time job, full-time mom to her little brother, and still gives careful time and attention to her lovely lettering craft/business. Great blog post with awesome spread ideas. Make a list of your neighbors and their contact information in case you ever need to get in touch. . We’re about to change that…. Love your work! Make a list of new ones you try and rate them. Or maybe you have a certain respect for leaders in a particular industry? While you’re reading a book (or once you finish), write a review about the book and whether you would read it again.

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