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disturbing true crime documentaries

Most disturbing, dark, crime, mystery, controversial Documentaries.

Brandon becomes popular among his peers, until his sudden outing results in horrific violence and sexual abuse at the hands of his male “friends.” When the crimes are reported to the police, they seem more interested in Brandon’s sexuality and fail to take action to prevent a fatal second attack. It’s later determined that much of the “ritualistic” mutilation may have been caused by wild animals. The prosecution argues that Peterson was having multiple affairs, and beat his wife to death when she found out.

The NYPD was able to get false confessions out of the boys that would later be retracted because of DNA evidence, but that didn't stop them from suffering in prison for years and having their reputations ruined — quite famously by a certain orange-haired elected official.
What follows is an attempted cover-up by local police in an isolated town that loves football. The story is about sexual assault and social media, and the complete lack of support the victims received from the institutions that were supposed to protect them: universities, police, communities, etc. The film raised some serious questions about police bias and tactics. That's due in part to the fact that, despite their recent popularity, true crime documentaries are by no means a new invention.
When three young boys are found hogtied, castrated, and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas in 1993, law enforcement suspect it’s a Satanist cult ritual and quickly focus the investigation on three local teen pariahs, who are soon convicted of the crimes. Want more true crime? Under extreme stress, the kids point fingers at each other and make false statements on camera, sealing their fates in the media and in court—despite DNA and circumstantial evidence that strongly suggests their innocence. His mother never gives up hope, and her fight to find her son is sad and inspirational at the same time. The entire town was desperate to convict him of murder, and the mob mentality makes this one of the scariest true crime documentaries.

The theory results in a second homicide—orchestrated by Catherine and carried out by Andrew.

A woman kills her husband, but only after years of suffering from his abuse. Like the goddess Soteria, who promoted safety and kept the good from harm, a lady cop in the greatest city in the world tried to wrangle a monster. 6. A group of illiterate farmer brothers live together in a dilapidated shack in a rural community, and when one of them turns up dead it ignites a media firestorm. Peterson claimed he has no idea how she died, and the subsequent eight-part documentary is all about him trying to prove his innocence. Are the sons rightfully loyal or strongly in denial? The three convicted boys would become known as the West Memphis Three, and their horrifying story would become a case study in lazy police work and community bias. This documentary dives into Aileen's case, and her deteriorating mental state before her execution and her team's attempt to get the death sentence vacated.

This true story is so disturbing that Hulu made a TV show about it ... and it ultimately turned into a gripping true crime documentary. Jim Jones was a cult leader who preyed on a bunch of devout people who wanted to be closer to God — through him.

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