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dobby cat kitten

What a cutie! So glad you were able to give him a home :) xxToasty. I like food, adventures and shiny things. Aww bless him it's nice he's settled in now. Though he is still growing, it is easy to see that Teddy will never fully grow into the ears that he has, making him look farther and farther from an average Oriental Shorthair. I have bunnies and always see loads more that need adopting and I want to just take them all! Weirdly though, the name was my boyfriend's idea who is NOT a Harry Potter fan like I am. Isn't it great!! She knew that Teddy had a peculiar look that made him stand out from other cats she has seen in her life, and Christine would even tell you that as a kitten she thought he looked a lot like an alien creature. These pictures are so lovely :), Isn't he the cutest?? 5 Awesome Christmas Gifts That Will Make Your Cat Purr! Cat", followed by 560 people on Pinterest. Lifestyle and Geek blog from a tiny person in North London. Henry's been writing pet content for over 10 years and will continue to do so as long as dogs and cats are with us! I'm not a cat fan but he has a cute face! If you are a fan of the series, or just love to see stranger looking animals, make sure that you take a few moments with Teddy, or Dobby Cat, whichever you prefer.

Although it does mean he's reaching for his food before I can put it on the floor... he just gets in the way sometimes!
Fortunately, these are the same features that draws in a pet lover like Christine Gonzalez. We can't save them all but we can bloody well try, right? She considers both of the situations to be happy accidents, especially considering that she had no prior knowledge of the famous character from the wizarding saga. He is kind of an anomaly of the breed. Tedder with his long, long, long, limbs chilling out with Stache nearby. Fatima. Dobby the Precious White Kitten is a cat/kitten listed for adoption through cats-can inc. in Oviedo, FL. Being a big Harry Potter fan, I love his name too!
OH BUNNIES! But this same feature kept him from any hope of being selected for the elite world of show-cats. i think he initially meant it as a Joke but it's his name now... Dobby is a perfect name - I definitely want to adopt pets one day! Needless to say, this secondary character is one that fans remember. He's getting there. I already had my frequent cry at an RSPCA advert this morning! Since the 9th of December – exactly 5 weeks today – Dobby has become part of our home and family on wheels. How cute is he!

On 28... Hi, I'm AJ. But don’t feel bad if you had a hard time placing Dobby the House Elf in your memory, as Teddy’s owner Christine Gonzalez did not know who he was or what the fuss was all about either.

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