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fundamental principles of taxation

For the year ended December 31, 2018, it reported rental income amounting to P150M from various tenants leasing portions of the said corporation. false endobj Which of the following statements is not correct? If the

degree, pay for the operating expenses of the administering agency.



It is the government’s responsibility to enact good law and prevent the transactions they wish to stop.

d.   Taxes are A few other principles of taxation have also been suggested from time to time such as the following: The Cost of Service Principle: According to this principle, the tax to be paid by an individual should be equal to the cost of services incurred by the government in rendering the service to him.

for the support of the government and all its public needs. The power of taxation

0 Which of the following is incorrect description of tax? German. Accordingly, passed law that would abolish the taxing power of all local government units.

The direction of travel is clear. The levying and imposition of tax and the collection of tax are processes which constitute the taxation system, The official action of an officer authorized by law in ascertaining the amount of tax due under the law from a taxpayer is.

necessary expenses of government. Statement 1: The power to tax is supreme, plenary, comprehensive and without any limit because the existence of the government is a necessity. At the time the misunderstanding was funny.

It is about trying to restore trust in a profession that appears, to the public at least, irreparably broken. (Multipage) <> 3 Benjamin B. Aban, Law of Basic Taxation in the Philippines (Revised Ed. The existence of the government is a necessity and that the state has the right to compel all individuals and property within its limits to contribute, The reciprocal duties of support and protection between the people and the government, B. A.
The government is not

The government promises nothing

endobj Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society. The adoption of progressively higher tax rates to government is to provide funds or property with which to promote the general

The State can exercise the power of taxation only if it is expressly mentioned in the Constitution, The following statements correctly described the power of the State to tax, except, A.

ABC Corporation was organized and was granted such incentive. This is known as A.

persons, property, or the exercise of a right or privilege (Excise tax).


That the sources of revenues must be adequate to Pedro will be using the proceeds of the sale to buy his new residential house and lot. Taxation may also be employed for purposes of

/Parent 45 0 R

[7 0 R 12 0 R] Which among the following concepts of taxation is the basis for the situs of income taxation?

Tax which is demanded from the persons whom the law intends or desires to pay it, Tax which is demanded from one person in the exception and intention that he shall indemnify himself at the expense of another, Tax which imposes a specific sum by the head or number or by some standards of weight or measurement and which requires no assessment other than a listing or classification or the objects to be taxed, Tax which is a fixed proportion of the amount or value of the property with respect to which the tax is assessed, B. Ad-valorem tax - TRUE; Specific tax - FALSE, This type of tax requires an assessment of the value of the subject of tax, JJ is a mining operator. the police power of the State. 30 0 obj The spread of the digital economy poses challenges for international taxation. endstream 31 0 obj A fundamental rule in taxation is that "the property of one country may not be taxed by another country". In this article we are going to take a look at all the principles of taxation, which all good taxes must meet. 2 0 obj saang theory papasok ang excise tax? character.

The arising from the tax, [, The power of taxation He leased the property for P500,000 a year to a religious congregation for a period of ten (10) years. requiring owners of vehicles to pay for their registration is mainly to raise 2.

%%EOF Statement 1: The amount of money raised for the government in the exercise of its power to tax is and police power is based on the needs of the government, D. The exercise of the power of eminent domain and police power can be expressly delegated to the local government units by the law making body.
This is reflected in legal judgments where, if the intended outcome seems wrong, the courts will seek to find a way to defeat it. They are not arbitrary

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