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• GLACIER Tax Prep is a complete Federal tax preparation software for nonresident aliens (NRAs) students and scholars. • If you are a tax resident, you cannot use GLACIER Tax Prep You can also view the handout below for a quick reference. Additionally, the OIS has created a presentation to give you an introduction to U.S. income taxes.

The JHU Tax Office provides tax preparation assistance through a software program called Glacier. Visit the Glacier Tax Preparation Assistance page for more information.

Online Tax Software, Accessible via TLS encryption 24/7, From ANYWHERE in the World.

The JHU Tax Office provides limited information regarding taxes.

The JHU Tax Office has purchased a license for GLACIER Tax Prep which is a Federal tax preparation software for Nonresident Alien (NRA) Students and Scholars. . their annual federal income tax return. Home, COVID-19 Information and Resources for JHU, Johns Hopkins University | University Finance, Finance Attach copies of required year-end tax statements.

20+ Years U.S. Tax Experience Working With International Students, Extensive Online FAQ and Research Library, Confidence That Your Tax Documents Are Correct. (A product of Arctic International, LLC) JHU The University has purchased a license for GLACIER Tax Prep which is a federal tax preparation software for NRA students and scholars. For detailed tax information, responsibilities and deadlines please see the IRS website. Visit the Glacier Tax Preparation Assistance page for more information. It is a product of Arctic International, LLC, a third party vendor. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Free tax preparation services provided by.

What Should I Do If I Did Not Receive All of the Forms That Should Have Been Sent to Me. Online tax software for non-resident aliens. and Scholars. EVERYTHING you need to complete your U.S. federal. Are You a Foreign Student Advisor Bombarded with Tax Questions? Mail the completed federal tax return to the IRS address included in the instructions for the 1040NR-EZ or 1040NR. (GLACIER Tax Prep does not provide any state tax returns.). Collect all year end statements and last year's tax return (if any). The University Tax Office will be CLOSED to all visitors until further notice. • If you are a tax resident, you cannot use GLACIER Tax Prep – GLACIER Tax Prep will not assist in preparing a state tax return. GTP does the rest by determining the. for the university as a corporation.

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