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how to fill a buddy bottle

This includes the 1/4”BSP Female to 1/8” BSP male thread for direct fitting to a flexible fill line. I really like the Sumatras by the way. What are your thoughts on these? Your Name (required) Your Telephone Number. This might work:, I can’t. Manufactured from high-grade Aluminium and supplied to Best-Fittings by the respected ‘Luxfer’ brand, with a 10-year test cycle. Some of these may have been traded because of the concerns about getting spare parts. You can either buy a fully built up ‘buddy bottle’  (the removable compressed air reservoir these rifles use), in both sizes of 400 and 500cc. Suits BSA SuperTEN, Theoben Rapid (including MFR), and even Logun S16 and S16s. To be clear, I need to fill my bottles when they are NOT mounted to … Luxfer, the company that makes buddy bottles, have done tests on similar conversions and strongly advise against it.
Do not even think about it! No I just need to find a source for the parts where they’re in stock…, Utah airguns for the first two,a hydraulic hose supplier OR someone with a lathe for the other. Though both these discontinued yet ‘classic’ PCPs have been consigned to the history books, there still must be a lot of airgunners who own these models, along with guns traded in and now on the second hand racks in gunshops.

I am the owner of a BSA superten bullbarrel air rifle. Product Enquiry.

I have an original BSA Super-10 with the original rounded bottom 200cc (??)

The ‘extras’ are additional, rubber O-ring seals and an extra valve pip. If this can be done, please advise. That’s it! I am not an FX guy, so I am short of details on their design. Thanks bucketboy. Or a re-buildable stainless steel valves kit, and even just the empty bottles with no valve fitted.

This is the second one done for us. Tube type reservoirs on pre charged air rifles have thick end plugs with the quickfill installed and no manufacturer offers a buddy bottle with a quickifill fitted for good reason.

Forums › PCP Airguns › Need help filling FX Impact buddy bottles… Views : 501 | Subscribe December 18, 2019 at 11:14 pm Link tcgunParticipant Member Can someone point me to a source for an adapter to fill FX buddy bottles directly? To be clear, I need to fill my bottles when they are NOT mounted to the rifle. are the bsa s10 and r10 bottles interchangable without altering the bottle valve ? This may seem like a good idea but buddy bottles are comparatively thin and are not designed to be drilled and tapped, even the end. This includes the 1/4”BSP Female to 1/8” BSP male thread for direct fitting to a flexible fill line. 232 BAR 160mm long dated 10.1997! Others have done it in the past despite Luxfer saying not to. since all that is envolved is screwing/unscrewing why not just use the rifle to fill the bottles?

the other way is get a fitting that goes directly from the charging tank to the fx bottle adapter. They replace the copper valve with stainless steel. Product Enquiry. Obviously it has the required 1/4” BSP thread to insert into the rifle, is fully rebuildable and for this is supplied with spares. Suits BSA SuperTEN, Theoben Rapid (including MFR), and even Logun S16 and S16s. I need to fill the bottles off of the rifle due to the location where the filling occurs….

For those wanting to keep the rifles and bottles as originally intended to be removed for re-fills, they also supply a Universal Buddy Bottle Fill Adaptor with Seal & Cap for off-gun charging. How it was done seemed to be a mystery but I see an impression like a bead of welding at about a three-quarter of an inch from the bottom which is where it was probably cut to fit the quickfill nipple and then welded. Both share the common 1/4” BSP thread for screwing into the receiver of these air rifles. Can someone point me to a source for an adapter to fill FX buddy bottles directly?

I see lots of photos of of custom air rifles with the buddy bottle drilled at the front, most seem to be in the states,but if you look at A+M,s custom picture in the gun magazines you will notice one there,although A+M don't do this. On general ideas, I am not that eager to fill a pressure vessel sans the rest of the gun. Please could you quote me some prices on replacement buddy bottle for my mk1(. Davey. I no longer need a shotgun. Thank you my friend. I no longer have this airgun, I have a .177 Sumatra 2500. and will be getting a .177 Hatsan Galation soon. I will take your advice. Is it possible to fill a BSA Super 10 buddy bottle with a stirrup pump? Ive never heard of such a thing. You must be logged in to post a comment. The same bottles are currently used by BSA, Daystate, Theoben, FX etc… the 400cc version has a 230-bar maximum fill pressure, the 500cc 250-bar max. Allen Zasadny has fitted a quickfill set-up on a 360 cc Theoben buddy bottle which is working fine on the BSA super10.

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