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how to reach roopkund

Night Stay:  Pathar Nachauni. And after half an hour of ascending stoned steps, the trail opens up to a huge meadow. Run down into the oak and Rhododendron forest. Right before the bend to Kainchi Dham is a dhaba with the most delicious aloo paranthas. –>If you are somebody who prefers cycling over running, your target must be to cover 22 km in 60 minutes. Some offer biscuits instead. From begining of Bedini Bugyal to the end of Ali Bugyal, its about 6 kms trail, mostly parallel. Bhagwabasa:  No Food, No Water. Their battle, which started in Lohajung, culminated here. From Pathar Nachauni, 2 kms very difficult climb to Kalu Vinayak and then 1.5 kms easy trail to Bhagwabasa. The Roopkund trek begins from Lohajung (7,700 ft), 230 km from Kathdodam. The distance isn’t much, and the zig-zag trails makes you gain height very rapidly. Mule owners generally don’t go on the shorter route as it is not convenient for the mules. Difficulty Level: Easy. Roopkund is a popular trekking destination. –>If you are 45 years old and above and are comfortable with long distance walking than jogging, then before you go on the trek, you should be able to walk at least 10 km at a stretch. Nevertheless, you will need to be cautious and report the slightest of symptoms to your trek leader as soon as you feel them. Take this specific precaution – Go on a preventive course of Diamox. It is still meadow country and below you are the meadows of Ghora Lotani, the last stop for the horses. 2. Entry charges for guide: INR 20 per night (paid by the trekkers only) 4. Delhi-Haridwar/Rishikesh:  Haridwar is 220 kms away from Delhi and has a very good bus connectivity with Delhi. The Roopkund trail climbs out of splendid dark forests suddenly bursting into Ali and Bedni Bugyal, arguably India’s most beautiful high altitude meadows. this is Nayan,from Bangladesh…a novice trekker.i am planning to trek roopkund for last 1.5 years while i trekked Sandakphu in darjeeling backed in 2012. would you plz,suggest me the easiest way to come lohajong from kolkata in a less time consuming way. There are three life-saving medicines that we suggest you always carry on you – Diamox, Dexamethasone and Nifedipine. The altitude gain is a risk component in the Roopkund trek. The mountain folk pay obeisance to him before ascending higher on the Nanda Devi Jat Yatra. It is a very small swallow lake, maximum 2 meters in depth and generally remain under the snow for 8 months in a year. Roopkund is situated 14 kms from Bedni Bugyal. You may not be able to complete the trek because of bad weather, high snow conditions, or any natural calamity. You want to avoid this. Option 1 Take the earlier day’s Sampark Kranti from Old Delhi, which leaves at 4.00 pm. Especially for a first day’s trek it leaves your heart pumping. The saddle signals the end of the meadows. Wan-Bedini Bugyal:  11 kms, 6 hours Night Stay:  Bedini Bugyal. Tips: 1. In the peak seasons, there are many people on this treks. A village with wonderful views of Didina valley, Lohajung is a nerve centre of 12-15 villages. Deep virgin forests, gurgling brooks, breath-taking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, snow and ice and the taste of a great adventure as you climb from 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft in six days. Shared taxi: Private, shared cabs drop passengers from Haldwani to Deval. Four hours from Kathgodam, perched on a ridge, is the massive hill town of Almora. If you’re already on a course of Diamox, your trek leader is likely to increase the dosage. Roopkund trek is known for "Roopkund" known as ‘The Mysterious Lake’ or ‘The skeleton Lake’ is a high altitude glacial lake and a picturesque tourist destination in the Uttarakhand state of India.

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