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It was at that job that he met his wife, Suzanne Perry, who was the press secretary for then prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

It’s a peculiar kind of fame, made possible by America’s seemingly bottomless appetite for the genre.
It gives you a few moments of, Should we really be doing this?”, “You realize that nobody comes on our show unless they want to, and it can be cathartic for people, so, fine,” Morrison continues. “He's very sincere…kind of like the Mister Rogers of murder.”, Though true crime has been Morrison’s bread and butter, and so lucrative that it’s more like sourdough miche slathered with Echiré, he was never interested in it to begin with. The day we meet, a scorching late-August afternoon, he’s wearing his trademark navy laceless Converse sneakers with jeans and a sky blue denim button-down (yes, a Canadian in a Canadian tuxedo). And on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers that aired on July 9, 2014, Morrison appears as himself, parodying his characteristic dramatic delivery of real-life murder mysteries that he is known for on Dateline. Of course I know about sugar babies. It hit number one on the charts after the trailer was released. Morrison was hooked by “the intensity,” he says, and one thing led to another, until he found himself working as a political reporter and anchor for CTV National News. “But you still have that moment.”, “Do you know about this, sugar babies and sugaring?” Morrison asks. It’s a voice that can say something like “The killer was having a virtual dungeon built in his basement—he burned, we still don't know exactly what parts of her, in his backyard” while you’re eating lunch at an airy New American restaurant in Manhattan, and you will ingest that information and nod and keep right on chewing your food. Morrison is 72 years old and the very portrait of wholesome authority. In the episode, he reported the arrest of Kramer as a serial killer.[3]. “I felt it took advantage of people's pain.”, With true crime’s ever-increasing popularity, so comes increased scrutiny of the genre and the way we collectively consume it, including in recent books like Savage Appetites by Rachel Monroe and Dead Girls by Alice Bolin. (He thinks the latter is funny but insists, “I can swear to God, I've never said that pesky DNA.”) An Instagram account with 19,000 followers called Keith Leans on Things exists solely to document his habit of reclining against stationary objects during broadcasts. In 1981, Morrison married Suzanne (née Langford) Perry, a writer, consultant and political fundraiser who was also Press Secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

More accurately, he first caught a glimpse of her walking beside Trudeau in a video. Instead, he was axed three years later amidst a tangle of network drama that reportedly involved the head anchor not wanting to step down. Morrison joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1982 as substitute anchor and Chief Political Correspondent for The Journal, the network's nightly public affairs program, remaining until 1986.

Matthew Perry’s Family Is Full of Famous Faces: Keith Morrison and More. The very next day they flew him down to Pittsburgh for a story. “They're happy to sit down and talk with us, even though they know we're going to put it on television and people will look at it as entertainment. He joined CTV's Canada AM in 1973 as a newsreader and also worked as a reporter and weekend anchor as well as a producer. From 1975 to 1976, he was a reporter on CTV National News and served as National Affairs Correspondent and substitute anchor on the show from 1976 to 1979. NBC lured Morrison to Los Angeles in 1986 to cover the nightly news, which he did for a few years on a lark. “They kind of saved my life,” he says. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. All rights reserved. 'Friends' Reunion! He writes, or at least punches up, many of his own scripted introductions, which are prone to folksy turns of phrase and a specific brand of suspenseful gravitas.
Morrison is bemused, if entertained, by his popularity. He chalks it up to his natural constitution, and taking the time to read philosophy from thinkers like Seneca and Heraclitus. Part of that involves undoing some of what he’s learned as a reporter over the years. Morrison's interviews on Dateline have kept audiences watching and attracted the attention of comedians as well. When Keith Morrison speaks publicly, it’s usually about murder. Matthew Perry Has 'Always Been in Love' With Courteney Cox, OMG! Keith Morrison i Matthew PerryGetty Images No, parovi nisu jedini iznenađujući rodbinski rođaci u našoj sredini. While at Canada AM, then-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney cancelled a live appearance after Morrison jokingly referred to him earlier in the show as "whatshisname". “Everyone probably thought I was an idiot, but I kept playing it back,” he reminisces. One of his first experiences involved helping an elderly woman whose farmer husband had just died. In Touch Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

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