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[5] In addition, Kings Dominion's 1/3-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower and the International Street Fountain greet visitors near the main entrance to the park. 1975: Grand opening, Eiffel Tower, Rebel Yell (wooden coaster), and Galaxie (steel coaster), 1976: Apple Turnover (Enterprise flat ride), 1979: Lost World (Themed area) featuring Journey to Atlantis, Land of the Dooz and Time Shaft, 1980: Haunted River replaced Journey to Atlantis, 1983: White Water Canyon; Galaxie coaster closed, 1984: Berserker; Smurf Mountain replaced Land of the Dooz, 1985: Diamond Falls and Scooby's Play Park, 1993: Days of Thunder; Smurf Mountain removed, 1995: Nickelodeon Splat City; The Time Shaft and The Haunted River are removed, leaving The Lost World completely empty, 1997: Taxi Jam; Hanna-Barbera Land renamed KidZville, 1999: Expansion of Hurricane Reef to WaterWorks, 2000: Nickelodeon Central; Pipeline Peak added to WaterWorks.

The Safari Village name returned in 2014 as part of Kings Dominion's 40th anniversary celebration. [4] Its name is derived from the name of its sister park, Kings Island, and the nickname for the state of Virginia, "Old Dominion.". Since then, the Wayne's World section has been merged into the Candy Apple Grove; the Stan Mikita's was converted to the Juke Box Diner, and the Hurler was converted into Twisted Timbers, the park's newest roller coaster, in 2018. While the park had always had a Halloween event, the new HAUNT event has been received very well. A rail-guided car ride. A water slide complex known as Racing Rivers opened in 1987, and Avalanche, which remains the only Mack bobsled roller coaster in the United States, debuted the following year in 1988. Kings Dominion added its fourth roller coaster, a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop known as the King Kobra, in 1977. This was later converted into Nick Central. Kilimanjaro (spinning mountain ride), 1979–1980: Lost World Mountain: Journey to Atlantis (replaced by Haunted River), 1979–1995: Lost World Mountain: The Time Shaft, 1979–1983: Lost World Mountain: Journey to the Land of Dooz, 1980–1995: Lost World Mountain: The Haunted River, 1985–2002: Diamond Falls (shoot the chute) (located where Back Lot Stunt coaster sits), 1986–1996: Fred's Jungle Gym (children's play area), 1987–1996: Racing Rivers (waterslide complex), 1989–1998: Sky Pilot (Located near Rebel Yell in Candy Apple Grove), 1992–2004: Kiddie Cove (children's area of WaterWorks), 1992-2007: Spiral Chute (two, body waterslides next to the Anaconda roller coaster), 1992–2014: Shoot-The-Curl (water slide, demolished to make room for a food stand), 1995–2012: Snoopy's Splash Dance (formerly Nickelodeon Green Slime Zone), 1997–2012: KidZville (This section became part of Planet Snoopy in 2013. Five years after The Outer Limits opened, Paramount Parks' licensing agreement to use theming from the television show after which the ride was named expired; the Outer Limits theming in the ride and its queue was removed, and the ride was renamed Flight of Fear. Want to earn cash while having fun too? Along with International Street, Old Virginia is the only original section of Kings Dominion that has kept its same name throughout the park's history. It is similar to the Backlot Stunt Coaster rides at Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland, which both opened in 2005. [32] In 2017, Planet Snoopy was expanded with the addition of three new children's rides in the former Nickelodeon Central side of the area. [19] Hypersonic XLC was removed after the 2007 season. Jobs are available in all departments from aquatics to rides, food to security and more. Originally, only the walkway and its shops were considered part of the International Street area;[37] during the park's Paramount seasons, the boundaries of International Street expanded to include the Action Theater.[38]. From big thrills to small thrills and all the thrilling rides in between, there’s something for everyone! [52], Original Kings Dominion logo used from 1975 to 1992; sometimes used in-park since 2014, Paramount's Kings Dominion Logo used from 1993 to 2003, Paramount's Kings Dominion logo from 2003 to 2006, Logo used briefly in 2007 after the switch from Paramount Parks.

This was the first time that Kings Dominion had ever lowered the ticket prices for a full season. Safari Village is Kings Dominion's easternmost and predominantly African-themed section.

At least 36". Yogi's Cave was rethemed to Treasure Cave and many rides in KidZville, such as Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster, George Jetson's Spaceport, and Huck's Hot Rods, continued to bear the names of Hanna-Barbera characters. Hypersonic XLC, a Thrust Air 2000 air-launched coaster made by S&S Power, launched riders from 0 to 80 miles per hour (130 km/h) in 1.5 seconds, taking them up an 87-degree incline and down an 87-degree drop. Original themed areas included The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera, International Street, Lion Country Safari, Old Virginia, and Coney Island. For the 2009 season, two flat rides once located at Geauga Lake, like Dominator, opened in 2008. In 2013, Cedar Fair merged the KidZville section of the park and introduced 12 new and re-themed attractions. Containing a boat ride and a monorail train through a nature preserve, the safari attraction closed in the 1990s.

Unsecured articles must be left with a non-rider or placed in a locker located near each of these rides.

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