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And if the robust bike can help more riders enjoy cycling, then the project, Zinn said, has been a success.

A gravel/road bike for big and tall men (and women), designed by Lennard Zinn specifically for tall guys.

But Thompson is adamant that the bike industry’s focus on weight over other characteristics is misguided.

Technical FAQ: Puzzling tire widths; e-bike retrofit options. It is a widely held belief that glass on the road causes flat tires. “Optimizing for weight for average riders is a waste of time, and for heavy riders it is utterly ridiculous. “I couldn’t find a bike that was designed for me,” Thompson said. Before I could even respond I was down on the pavement. I personally have gotten flats on road tires where the culprit was a tiny piece of glass that I dug out of the tire tread that had worked its way through the tread strip, the puncture-protective strip, and the casing. What Thompson found were heavy riders like him, who gathered on online forums to complain about the lack of such a bicycle.

I want to start riding but I can’t find a bicycle that’s right for me.’”.

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Lennard Zinn is the world’s leading expert on bike maintenance and repair. The Clydesdale line of bikes would feature Shimano 105 shifters and brakes, Clydesdale-branded hubs built with more robust freehubs and flanges, and Velocity Dyad touring rims.

Please email us to be included in Technical FAQ. “Lennard:Thanks for the awesome work on my bike! I told him the bike is fine, we just have this kludgy drivetrain setup, and if we could get past that I think he’d have a good experience.”. I’ve been dreaming about this bike for more than five years and it has lived up to the expectations! He sought a high-end road bike that could withstand his bodyweight, and still allow him to pedal great distances over hilly and mountainous terrain. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites.

— Doug. I don’t know.

“You realize the [bicycle] industry is putting max rider loads of 100 kilograms (220 pounds),” Thompson said.
Thompson shredded bottom brackets and snapped chains like they were dental floss. Product Management Bicycle Tires I’m finding there’s a paradigm shift in expectations. Technical FAQ: Searching for the ideal tire width, Technical FAQ: Tires widths, cassettes, and coasting. — Adam, Dear Adam,

They ordered custom-built extra-wide drop handlebars from Taiwan. I’ve tried a most of the Hutchinson line, Intensive (1 and 2), Sector, Fusion 5 performance, and Schwalbe Pro One. After several months of riding Thompson was ready to graduate to a traditional road bicycle.

I’m running road tubeless on my bike and my wife’s bike. Thompson continues to ride, and each year logs thousands of miles on his road bikes, often pedaling through the Pyrenees and Alps. Many of you are aware that I developed a heart arrhythmia five years ago that I’ve been coming to terms with ever since. ― Lennard, Dear Lennard,

Photo: Lennard Zinn.

Thompson did not know it at the time, but this frustrating scene on the side of the road marked the beginning of a years-long project that would ultimately create an extremely robust road bicycle, built specifically to withstand the forces generated by heavy riders. Certain broadcasters have even made claims about the advantages of particular positions.

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