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norwegian round wood stack

Tradition says wood needs to sit for 6-12 months in order to have it properly dried but with the Scandinavian way, your wood stack can dry in … READ MORE: Learn Lars Mytting’s basics of wood stacking here. During the week Jason Price is a management consultant and efficiency expert. Jason’s three masterpiece rounds sit on a corner of unused land as you come up his driveway. A friend who worked in forestry said ‘I’ll help you with the first one’. For most people it’s a pretty dull topic. "A step-by-step guide to preparing your wood store" Independent Whether you're a seasoned woodcutter, or your passion is yet to be kindled, NORWEGIAN WOOD is an … How to build a Norwegian Round Stack THE DEFINITIVE WOOD-CUTTER'S BIBLE - THE BESTSELLING, YEAR-ROUND GUIDE TO CHOPPING, STACKING AND DRYING WOOD "The book has spread like wildfire" Daily Mail "A how-to book with poetry at its heart" T.L.S. “It was stacked in traditional rows and it took up half the garage. With more wood stacked on top, the poles bind everything together. The whole section on the Norwegian round is an interview with a guy who built one on his lawn. “You could have one in the garden as a talking point – it opens up the wood store that you’d normally want to keep out of the way.”. * Make your wood work harder: Don’t grow your own firewood The results looked cool, then I began to consider the possible advantages. Since it’s possible to stack round piles 6 feet high or higher, you can really reduce the footprint of your year’s supply of firewood if you want. And for reasons I don’t understand, round piles seem to let wood dry more quickly. It inspired Jason, who spends most of his time working at a computer, to start what he now freely admits is a fanatical obsession. You’ve got this seasoned advice from wizened old men about how to get the best out of wood.”. There’s something about taking firewood and making it beautiful that has a strange appeal and Jason isn’t alone in his fascination. When you have the huge volumes of firewood that come out of the remains of three 20m-high gum trees, you need to stack it and dry it. Hachette, hard cover,192 pages That’s a lot of wood in a little space. It doesn’t have a famous author. “My favourite passage from Lars’ book is where he says: You know exactly where you are with a woodpile. Cross section after a collapse, showing the tricky shaped pieces that fill the middle. We built our home on a fairly steep mountainside, and level spots are hard to come by. When it comes to firewood, the drier the better. By Lars Mytting That was the point of moving somewhere rural, it’s something completely different to the office job. You’ve got this airflow, you can stand on the other side of the wood in the wind and you can feel the air coming through it, so it dries really efficiently.” “I build up to the point where I can get out safely, then build it from the outside so you’re just building around it. - Our Privacy Policy, OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE: Heating Technology Offers Energy Security, HOW TO USE A WOOD SPLITTER: Watch and Learn to Be Safe & Productive, LOG SPLITTER EXTRAORDINAIRE: How to Make Firewood Faster with Speedy Inertia Splitter, Wood Splitter Review: See the Best Selling Model in Canada Close Up, WHY GOVERNMENT SPREADS AND HOW THIS HURTS PEOPLE, EXTEND CHAINSAW LIFE: Watch & Learn the Tips That Kept This Saw Going for 30+ Years, WATER LINE FREEZE PROTECTION: Watch a Video Tour of An Actual Cottage Country Installation, OUTDOOR WOODWORKING TIPS: Real-World Tricks for Working With Posts, Beams & More, Q&A OF THE WEEK: “What can I do to warm the floors of my 1875 cottage?”, Q&A OF THE WEEK: “How Can I Hanging Something Heavy on Drywall?”.

Now he can’t chop the wood down anymore so he’s bought a log splitter and carries on. There’s a strange beauty in a Norwegian round and it affects people, even those who deal with firewood all day long. This forms a little roof that stays in place if you take the wood out from underneath here and there. You get the professional woodcutters coming up saying ‘that’s awesome mate’. Jason admits when he moved from the hilly, leafy suburbs of Wellington to his dream block a couple of years ago, he had a lot to learn. Click for a video on the 3 reasons my chainsaw is still running perfectly after 30 years of use.

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