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presidential election 1964 wiki

1964 Presidential Election, Results by Congressional District. When questioned about the presidential capabilities of the former president’s younger brother, university administrator Milton S. Eisenhower, in July 1964, Goldwater replied, “One Eisenhower in a generation is enough.” However, Eisenhower did not openly repudiate Goldwater and made one television commercial for Goldwater’s campaign. He went on to win the Massachusetts and New Jersey primaries before withdrawing his candidacy because he had finally decided he didn’t want the Republican nomination.[7]. Confederate forces had triumphed at the Battle of Mansfield, the Battle of Cold Harbor, the Battle of Brices Cross Roads, the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and the Battle of the Crater. [1] Lincoln's re-election ensured that he would preside over the successful conclusion of the Civil War. In a four-way contest, the Republican Party ticket of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin emerged triumphant. Johnson’s campaign advocated a series of anti-poverty programs collectively known as the Great Society, and successfully portrayed Goldwater as being a dangerous extremist. The 1864 United States presidential election, the 20th quadrennial presidential election, was held on Tuesday, November 8, 1864.In the midst of the American Civil War, incumbent President Abraham Lincoln of the National Union Party easily defeated the Democratic nominee, former General George B. McClellan, by a wide margin of 212–21 in the electoral college, with 55% of the popular vote. In response to an ultimatum from Fleetlord Atvar, Warren agreed to allow the Race to destroy the city of Indianapolis in retribution, rather than discontinue the country's space program. Lodge was a write-in candidate. Margin of victory less than 1% (5 electoral votes): Margin of victory less than 5% (23 electoral votes): Margin of victory over 5%, but less than 10% (40 electoral votes): Although Goldwater was decisively defeated, some political pundits and historians believe he laid the foundation for the conservative revolution to follow. Had they not been rejected, Lincoln would have received 229 electoral votes out of a total of 250, well in excess of the 126 required to win. McClellan's chances of victory faded after Frémont withdrew from the presidential race. The conservatives favored a low-tax, small federal government which supported individual rights and business interests and opposed social welfare programs. McClellan, a War Democrat, was nominated over the Copperhead Thomas H. Seymour. Frémont later withdrew and endorsed Lincoln. George B. McClellan vied for the presidential nomination. Democrat Jimmy Carter of Georgia defeated incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford from Michigan.Carter's win represented the lone Democratic victory in a presidential election held between 1968 and 1992. A group of Republican dissidents who called themselves Radical Republicans formed a party named the Radical Democracy Party and nominated John C. Frémont as their candidate for president.

Script error: No such module "Citation/CS1". Despite Kentucky's state government never seceding from the Union, the Commonwealth had an election participation rate decrease of almost 40% compared to the election of 1860.[18]. Out of the 40,247 army votes cast, Lincoln received 30,503 (75.8%) and McClellan 9,201 (22.9%), with the rest (543 votes) scattering (1.3%).

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