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rms oceanic

And they were even more stunned to find three bodies in it, frozen to death. At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, she was commissioned into Royal Navy service on 8 August 1914 as an armed merchant cruiser. RMS Oceanic was a transatlantic ocean liner, built for the White Star Line. Having previously disagreed with his naval superior about dodging around the island, he instructed the navigator to plot a course out to sea. Oceanic continued sailing with the White Star line on the Liverpool to New York route until 11 March 1875, when she was chartered to the Occidental & Oriental Steamship Company, for service between San Francisco, Yokohama and Hong Kong.

Not long after departing, she had to return because of overheated bearings. From here she proceeded north to Shetland travelling continuously on a standard zigzag course as a precaution against being targeted by U-boats. Instead, she was sold for scrap, leaving Belfast for the last time on 10 February 1896, under tow, for a scrapyard on the River Thames. Her completion could have greatly impacted the history of both Cunard and White Star Lines. First-class cabins were positioned amidship, away from ocean movements and the vibration of the engines. In 1905, Oceanic was the first White Star Line ship to suffer a mutiny, which resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of 35 stokers upset with the officers over working conditions. Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Oceanic was included in a deal with the Admiralty, which made an annual grant toward the maintenance of any ship on the condition that it could be called upon for naval work, during times of war. She was wrecked in a flat calm and clear weather.

The contemporary press described her "more an imperial yacht than a passenger liner."

During the repositioning voyage from Liverpool to Hong Kong, Oceanic set a speed record for that route. Captain Smith took over the morning watch, and with his former knowledge of the ship was only happy when the ship was in open sea. She was sent back to Harland and Wolff for re-engining, but when the ship was inspected closely, it was found to be uneconomical to perform all the work needed.

She sailed on her maiden voyage on 6 September 1899 and, until 1901, was the largest ship in the world.

The disaster was hushed up at the time, since it was felt that it would have been embarrassing to make public how a world-famous liner had run aground in friendly waters in good weather within a fortnight of it beginning its service as a naval vessel. In 1924, a salvage company which had been engaged on the scuttled German warships at Scapa Flow cut what remained of the wreck of Oceanic down to water level and salvaged.

The Oceanic had also delivered as many as 136 crew members to the Titanic. Oceanic was the first ship to exceed Brunel's SS Great Eastern in length, although not in tonnage, and was, when it was launched, the largest ship afloat, a title it retained until 1901 when White Star Line's RMS Celtic was launched.

The ship was named after the company's first successful liner RMS Oceanic (from 1870) which itself was named after the company, and was intended to be its flagship.[2]. RMS Oceanic Name RMS Oceanic Owner White Star Line Length 420 feet 4 inches Tonnage 3,707 gross tonnes Speed 14.5 knots Total Passengers 1,166 People In his autobiography, Titanic and Other Ships,[4] Charles Lightoller gives an account of what it was like to be an officer on this vessel. All were of the same approximate dimensions with differences in tonnage, with the exception of the Adriatic and the Celtic, the designs for which were later modified to slightly increase their sizes. She was the first Allied passenger ship to be lost in the war. Titanic Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Oceanic was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, and was launched on 27 August 1870, arriving in Liverpool for her maiden voyage on 26 February 1871. 137 members of Titanic's crew had given the Oceanic as their last ship. In 1895, Oceanic was returned to the White Star Line, which planned on putting her back into service.

"The greatest liner of her day" was commissioned into Naval service on 8 August 1914 as an armed merchant cruiser. A similar charge was made against Commander Smith at a second court-martial; the evidence for the prosecution was the same as in the previous case, and witnesses were cross-examined with a view to showing that the position of the accused on Oceanic was not clearly defined by the naval authorities, and that he was understood to be acting in an advisory capacity. Oceanic's bridge was integrated with her superstructure giving her a clean fluid look, this design feature would later be omitted from the next big four White Star ships, Cedric, Celtic, Baltic and Adriatic with their odd but distinguishable 'island' bridges.

A crew of 143 operated the vessel. All of the ship's crew transferred to the trawler via the ship's lifeboats and were then ferried to the waiting AMC HMS Alsatian, and HMS Forward.

Instead, she was sold for scrap, leaving Belfast for the last time on 10 February 1896, under tow, for a scrapyard on the River Thames. At the outbreak of World War I in 1914 she was commissioned into Royal Navy service on 8 August 1914, as an armed merchant cruiser. RMS Oceanic was the White Star Line's first liner and an important turning point in passenger liner design.

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