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roundcube webmail login cpanel

I recommend trying to change your password if you are experiencing issues logging into Webmail. Squirrelmail looks like a 2002 webmail (it’s UGLY), In a very quick research I’ve found rainloop and it seems quite modern and fast. Let us know if you require further assistance. Apologies for the problem with logging into webmail. 888.321.HOST(4678) I can’t get into my webmail. (Be sure to replace with your actual domain name). Huh. For example, are you going to, or ? It sounds like you are saying you want to log in with just the username portion of the email address (‘user ‘ as opposed to ‘’) when logging into webmail.

Check out this forum post for an example that you should be able to use. Note: Before you attempt to log into webmail, be sure that you have first created an email address within your cPanel. Ask a question, share a helpful tip, or help others in our community forum. This document explains how to use the Roundcube to SQLite script.

My question is in regards to accessing my email accounts through the 3 different webmail choices (mine was Roundcube). If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.. //

I looked up the Whois information for your domain, and it is not pointed to InMotion’s servers. If you are seeing a “exceeded the max emails per hour” error, see our guide on the error here.

Now enter the email address and password which you have created in Cpanel shown in the initial steps of this article. Here is a link to our full walk-through video on Hosting email with InMotion & a site hosted elsewhere. help I am trying to get into my email for the first time here….it keeps taking me to godaddy which I used & trying to use you…. Chat: Chat with SupportEmail: On my i-phone my sent messages do not appear in my sent messages folder. I have 5 ID’s and in all the 5 cases when I try loging in I get the message saying “the user name or password incorrect” (LGI-0006). We can’t provide this information on the account for security issues. This issue is usually caused by a firewall within your network blocking the webmail ports of 2095 and 2096.

You will need to put in an exception to the rules that are in your .htaccess file.

Does anyone know where to start? Try accessing over port 80 like this: If the email receiving the SMS will only be for receiving for this client then you can set the forwarder to email him.

( vs john)

Please help. You can also download Roundmail to install on a local server. the desk top says all ok but no emails to “” are being received despite being sent, and bounce back as the address cannot be found. Then attempt to access webmail directly via using your own domain of course. Typically, it’s possible. You should also be able to get to the login screen, and click on the gear symbol in the top right corner to select the webmail client that you want to use.

You will need to check with your host or domain registrar to see what’s happening with that domain. How do I access Roundcube now? See    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:    host []: 554 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons. Thank you for contacting us. What is the meaning of this?

If your domain has propagated, you can access webmail by typing any of the following URLs into your browser's address bar.

How do I delete the automatic save function? could install a different webmail for us to use? ***, after login in correct username and passaword, but  no response, please check is there any problem at your server, thanks.

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