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rule of law simple definition

Aristotle’s Politics explores the best method to rule a society. When a government official acts pursuant to an express provision of a written law, he acts within the rule of law. These leaders argue that as a necessary corollary to the axiom that "no one is above the law," the rule of law requires that the government treat all persons equally under the law. This principle is reflected by the prohibition against Ex Post Facto Laws in the U.S. Constitution. Tit. Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 4. The Rule of Law is especially important as an influence on the economic development in developing and transitional countries. Before the government may impose civil or criminal liability, a law must be written with sufficient precision and clarity that a person of ordinary intelligence will know that certain conduct is forbidden. having or characterized by persistent or earnest desire. University of Chicago Law Review 56. The four universal principles are further developed in the following nine factors of the annual WJP Rule of Law Index. Unabridged 1989. 2000. & Adol. Scalia, Antonin. There are currently a lot of debates going on about who is and who isn’t sticking to rule of law … in the United States and elsewhere. Otherwise, courts run the risk of prejudging certain cases in light of their own personal philosophy. The phrase still has a rhetorical significance, but it is arguable that its technical significance has been overshadowed by the notion of fundamental law or HUMAN RIGHTS.

The rule of law, therefore, makes sure governments and people act in accordance with the laws. prel. 86; 7 Bing. New York: Cambridge Univ. The power of any single branch of government is similarly restrained at the state level. If the absolute law of the nation says “all leaders have to be elected,” the current leader cannot legally declare that their own child will inherit the leadership when they die. In 1215 Magna Charta reined in the corrupt and whimsical rule of King John by declaring that government should not proceed except in accordance with the law of the land. What’s The Difference Between “i.e.” vs. “e.g.”? Rule of law definition: The rule of law refers to a situation in which the people in a society obey its laws and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples That didn't deter Stephen Miller from trying to stop undocumented children from going to school. The rule of law also requires the government to exercise its authority under the law. Supreme Court ruled in 1982 that public education can't be denied based on a student's immigration status. Rule definition is - a prescribed guide for conduct or action. This is quite important because it means that the government can’t do whatever it wants.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. In other countries the political leaders assert that all written laws must conform with universal principles of morality, fairness, and justice. New York: Paragon House. When a court is asked to shut down a paint factory that is emitting pollutants at an illegal rate, for example, the rule of law requires the government to demonstrate that the factory owner failed to operate the business in accordance with publicly known environmental standards. A phrase as old as Aristotle, it has a special meaning in the constitutional law of the UK and in relation to discussions of law and politics everywhere. 30; 3 Barn.

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