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He addressed Mary in a way that was altogether new to her. Sagabona kunjani wena (Which means as much as "Hello, how are you?") Post Jun 19, 2006 #1 2006-06-19T14:27. , wena oboniswe umusa omkhulu, uJehova unawe.”—Funda uLuka 1:26-28.

While I can imagine some metaphorical meaning of the last one, especially the bakerman line irritates me. Sentences.

Human translations with examples: sagabona hay wena, hello how are you. Sagabona Kunjani Wena=> What Does It Mean? ” noma ezinye izindlela zokubingelela ezamukelekayo endaweni yakini? ,” “good evening,” or whatever is customary where you live? 2.

The night train is coming.


how's it going: kunjani: how is it: kunjani: Find more words! Antonyms. Is there a meaning or is it just some mindless amusing lines? good day (good morning, good afternoon, good evening), 1:28) Ungaprakthiza yini nengane yakho encane ukuthi “, 1:28) Could you rehearse with your little child such greetings as “good morning,” “, (Luka 10:4) Igama lesiGreki elithi “bingelela” lingasho okungaphezu nje kokuthi “, (Luke 10:4) The original-language word for “greeting” may mean more than a mere “hello” or “, 1:28) Could you rehearse with your little child such greetings as “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “, 1:28) Could you rehearse with your little child such greetings as “, Nikeza umninikhaya ipheshana ukuze abone isihloko bese uthi: “, Hand the tract to the householder so that he can see the title and say: “.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Iphawula ngalokhu, INqabayokulinda ka-March 1, 1982, ikhasi 24, ithi: ‘U-“. day, highly favored one, Jehovah is with you.” —Read Luke 1:26-28.

Newbie. English Translation. carsten. Translations. Pronunciations. Found 111 sentences matching phrase "sawubona".Found in 4 ms. Got to keep on running. What does kunjani mean in Zulu? slm. Showing page 1. Definitions.

More meanings for kunjani.

Translate: from Synonyms.

Sabingelela uMariya ngendlela ayeqala ngqa ukuyizwa, sathi: “. what it is. slm. umonakalo owawubangelwe ukuzamazama komhlaba. Find Words.

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Hi! Contextual translation of "sagabona kunjani wena" into English. , Sikhova,” kusho uBubhibhi uMini ngenhlonipho.
Hello,welcome,good afternoon,good day,good evening,good morning,and hi. little child such greetings as “good morning,” “. Sabiza uMariya ngendlela ayeqala ukuyizwa, sathi: “. … is this is Zulu language "Sagabona kunjani wena" anybody knows what does it mean?

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