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As you may have deduced from their name, Russian Blues have a blue coat.

They may appear like a Prima Donna, but they can really be a lovable pet. Do you want to learn more about the Russian Blue? While Russian Blues can win just about any beauty competition with their velvety looks, they are surprisingly shy when in the company of strangers. Russian Blue Kitten Male 6–9 months – Mrs Danks.

We are a small cattery dedicated to breeding and showing Russian Blue cats. the same weekend three Russian Blues picked up their certificates, and two achieved new titles. Russian Blues are medium-sized cats blessed with a long and muscular body. It’s advisable to introduce them to other pets in a slow and controlled manner. They also love climbing or jumping to high places, so we suggest investing in tall cat perches such as, These cats are also very particular with their litter box. His Maine Coon Stephan, as you might guess, is always well-fed. Adjulfo Nutmeg-Star (ABY n) won Best of Breed in both shows

- They are also smart and playful—two qualities that endear them to many pet lovers. - GrCh & GrPr Melkelter Sybilla Luba (RUS a) won the Imperial certificate and Best of Breed in both shows Miakush Asgier Zeus (RUS a) Russian Blue male Owned and bred by Dawn Peck . 9-10 June 2018 - Abyssinian Cat Club show; show in Belgium Their head is shaped like a wedge. 3 February 2018 - - GrCh Linczozo And our RACCS Star of the Show: They can roam around without causing destruction, unlike many other active cat breeds. - Best in Show Russian White or Black: Ch&Pr Catwo Biaty Pantera (RUS w 64). Coffee Names for Cats: For that Strong and Energetic... How To Get Your Cat To Sleep With You: 9 Easy Steps. Their head is shaped like a wedge.

Malevich, Russian Blue Kitten Female 14 weeks–6 In fact, they may not even show up at all when you call them out whenever there’s a guest in your house. Special congratulations to the Best in Show winners: - Best in Show Russian Blue kitten: Melkelter Bezruchka, who also enjoyed a red card day In 1890, a British cat fancier named Carew-Cox started to import the cats and breed them.

FEMALE: 1 : Miakush Aelia Aafje (RUS a) 6 points : 2: Serennol Eva (RUS a) 5 points : RUSSIAN BLUE NEUTER: Mr Godfrey . However, they could grow lonely if they are always, As a naturally-occurring breed, they are genetically healthy. Special congratulations go to IGrCh & IGrPr Dushenka Belucia (RUS a) who won the reserve Olympian, Best of Breed, 1st in her side classes and Best in Show Section 4 (Foreign) exhibit! - Grand International Champion Nysa King's Soul Trozayar (RUS a) Russian Blues are medium-sized cats blessed with a long and muscular body.

Some people think that cats are prideful, arrogant little creatures that look down on us humans. They don’t like changes especially when it comes to food. - Melkelter Bezruchka (RUS a), Reserve Best Section 4 Kitten - Best in Show Russian Blue adult: IGrCh Melkelter Galiya Gertruda Grand Champion Brightlite Black Caviar (RUS n) won her Grand certificate in both shows and her new title The Russian Blue is very loyal and affectionate with family members. We had a total of 50 cats entered today,and enjoyed a happy day!

Short Hair Cat Society/Abyssinian Cat Association shows; show in Australia & Pr Catwo Biaty Pantera (RUS w 64), Ch

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