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During Season 1, Kendall helped plan a hostile takeover of his father’s company, the announcement of which infuriated Logan as much as it seemed to earn his grudging respect. In the fifth episode of the new season of Succession, the scabrous Roy family find themselves at the country retreat of a liberal-media doyenne, Nan Pierce (Cherry Jones), and in the entirely unfamiliar situation of having to play nice. Except, on Succession, it's the "bad" rich people (the Roy dynasty) meeting the "good" rich people (the Pierce family). 4 months ago. She peels off the no smoking sign and lights a cigarette in the bathroom while waiting for her valet to take her to the right restaurant. This satisfaction defined what it was like to watch Season 1 of Succession, a bitter, schadenfreude-flavored tonic to help digest the oily excesses of the 0.001 percent.

Strong is superb portraying a man so depressed that cocaine barely animates him (instead, it renders him only slightly less catatonic). The Monterey Five get together for one final glass of wine before they all go to jail.

Kendall spends the first five episodes being more low-energy than a post-divorce Ross Geller, as hangdog as Droopy. He’s like human Saudi Arabia.” To watch Succession is to see what happens when absolute power and unfettered id curdle into oppression in real time.

The Roys operate a fiercely conservative media conglomerate, while the Pierces are more liberal. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. Now their damage is so suffocating that all you can do is cringe from the sidelines. The Roys are led by a patriarch, while the Pierces are clearly a matriarchy. It’s like watching cats trying to play snooker, or Donald Trump trying to read a speech off a teleprompter without breaking into an extemporaneous brag—it can’t be done.

In case it’s unclear: Season 2 is extraordinary. We want to hear what you think about this article. But his face is empty of discernible emotion, a void so gaping that no amount of money or winning can fill it. All rights reserved. When cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) weakly bleats that Logan isn’t obeying the rules, Logan bellows, “There are no rules.”. But the state of Roy is so rotten that a disgusting smell fills the manse. (Yes, we know there were already two episodes in which Carrie Bradshaw goes to Los Angeles ("Escape From New York" and "Sex and Another City"), but there was a real missed opportunity to have Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte witness what the brunch scene in West Hollywood looked like in 2000.).

Somebody's gotta get whacked by the end. Everybody fist pumps and eats funnel cake. In the first scene, Kendall is “recharging” in a plunge pool at a Scandinavian rehab resort when he’s dragged, still dripping, to a TV appearance where he has to defend abandoning his takeover bid and returning to the Roy fold.

Strong’s Kendall, the ineffectual Hamlet to his father’s more dastardly Lear, went on a drug bender that led to the drowning death of a waiter at Shiv’s wedding. Except, on Succession, it's the "bad" rich people (the Roy dynasty) meeting the "good" rich people (the Pierce family). Once, these ghastly people made for some mordant satire. Armstrong’s family, unhappy in its own unique, Tolstoyan way, is also the stuff of classical tragedy, riddled with monsters and fated for hell. Jesse Armstrong, the show’s creator, finds new levels of horror to mine in Succession’s autopsy of the ultrarich, but he also finds pathos, which elevates the show even further. “You’d never be anything else. Succession is still replete with symbolism. On the fifth episode of season two of Succession, there is a showdown that fans of the series have long been waiting for: the Roys meet the Pierces.

What would that look like? In order to negotiate a purchase of a rival news network, Logan Roy brings his family to Tern Haven, the compound occupied by Nan Pierce and her family.

All those skyscrapers littering the backdrop of the Roy corporate boardroom suddenly seem like so many shiny platforms for Kendall to eventually hurl himself from. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Issa, Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany take a girls trip to Miami, where they meet the cast of Ballers. Shiv (Sarah Snook) can’t restrain herself from mocking someone’s Ph.D. in Africana studies. Logan has given Kendall his lines, and Kendall repeats them over and over. But what if other HBO shows had an episode in which the main characters met alternate-universe, diametrically opposed, bizarro versions of themselves? Naomi Pierce is on the board of PGM, and family member of the Pierce Family.. In Season 2, which takes the show to a level of insight and theatricality that rivals anything else on television this year, something has changed in the dynamic between characters and audience. “Money wins,” Logan says in one episode, raising his glass for a toast.

2020 Bustle Digital Group. The third episode, in which yet another catastrophic Roy conference leads to the breakdown of social mores, makes for one of the tensest, most excruciating hours of television in modern memory. “Watching you people melt down is the most deeply satisfying activity on the planet,” Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) tells Kendall (Jeremy Strong).

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