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It absolves us of responsibility and makes the wrongdoer master over our lives.

In the words of Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, “All things can be taken from a man except for the last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” It makes people blame everything on their perceived aggressors and stops them from achieving in life.

La série taïwannaise "The Victims' Game" est une magnifique surprise. Follow us on Instagram - Perhaps you should consider It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s the only antidote to pain. Yet much of our culture is absolutely addicted to the victim narrative. What's your fave dinosaurs games? But Paul, isn’t life about living in freedom, and didn’t Jesus come to save the oppressed from their oppressors?

“Victim narratives disempower; they remind us that we have no power over our future and no personal responsibility for our lot in life.”. I know this sounds harsh, but blaming others for our current pain never leads to healing, and that goes for any group that has experienced oppression, whether visible minorities, women, religious groups, the LGBT community, or the poor. Paul is telling slaves that recently became Christians to obey their masters in the same manner as they obeyed Jesus. He could have cried victim for your attack, but instead he thanked you, thus validating your right to an opinion, forgave you for the insults and moved on.He does seem to have more peace, whereas you sound very angry. That’s the thing. For example, in October 2017, Dr. Joanna Williams, “When you teach girls they are victims they believe it. With Stella & Tarrant, Stella @MeepleU➡️SPIEL Digital Media Partner Retweeted. Admonishing people to take “100% personal responsibility” for their lives is only logical if people have 100% control over their lives – and they don’t. It is all about addressing current systemic violence against black lives.

(btw I hate the term SJW because its a polarizing term that disrespects REAL social justice heroes taking on much dire problems around the globe, but I think people know what I mean when I say that.).

True emancipation starts in the mind. Reflecting on the past in order to heal is necessary, but living in the past is a recipe for disaster. Department of Defense). Look at the Jews. – THE BIGGEST TRAVESTY ISN’T THE LOSS OF LYRICISM BUT THE LOSS OF OWNERSHIP. But this is not in keeping with reality and it can become quite debilitating.”. By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja, Board Game Geek Link-, #meepleuniversity #boardgame #VictimTheCursedForest, Stella @MeepleU➡️SPIEL Digital Media PartnerFollow, SpiderCow ....SpiderCow Sign up for our Mailing List to be one the first to be notified of our new videos and more! You are Booker T. Washington and what we desperately need now is W. E. Du Bois. This is the only instrument that is powerful enough to quench the thirst for justice. It wasn’t until he let go of the pain by the act of forgiveness that he found freedom.

As long as people listen to so called leaders who want their sins covered by excuses, not only does unhappiness await, but in the end judgment.

We’re either the victim, blaming others for our lives, or the victor, taking responsibility for our lives. I’ll let you in on a little secret from us white people.

BLACK PEOPLE: “YES, YOU ARE”. Black Lives Matter is not about a victim narrative.

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