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By the end, the question of whether Bateman's murders really happened is irrelevant—no one would have noticed either way. Here are some key details you might have missed about the A24 horror movie. I believe…..this is after his wife’s funeral…he buries the manuscript and thus buries his old, lying self. How does that make me feel, etc…everything is about her. Yes he died. Rory / Clay / Old man were married and they all lost a child (Old man and Celia) or miscarriage (Dora, Clay and Rory). So the story of the old man and of Rory and Dora are all fiction. We know this, because later, while Alfred is in Florence, he sees his former Master Bruce sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with ex-Catwoman Selina Kyle. I wanted so badly for those answers that never came. I do this in the same way I look at how books are put together. and this quote from the movie implies that: It's just a matter of how you look at it.". 4 years after this blog, and this movie’s tumultuous ripples are still being felt. He’s reading from his best-selling work, The Words. This article is from 2012, and I am commenting 5 years later, so I hope you somehow see this. Although the song playing was about death. The ending of Denis Villaneuve’s ‘Enemy’ makes it the rare film to deftly handle ambiguity and symbolism. (Can you tell I didn’t care for her much? Hoffman and Stiller did their best as well. It seems as though she’s trying to seduce him, though she’s not successful. Rather than telling a straightforward story, suggested film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, "I just think [Malick is] opening up the top of his head and letting the memories and fantasies and personal anecdotes pour out, and arranging the pieces in such a way as to prompt you to remember your own life and reflect on it, and think about your own place in the cosmos, however small or large you may imagine it to be.". I will admit, though, that when the movie played its last scene and the credits popped up on the screen, I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming, “No!” at the screen. I do not think Adam Sandler was singled out because "we usually see crap from him" (as others have stated here). This is evident towards the end when Clay asks Daniella (the seductress) about what happens…and flashes of Rory speaking with Dora walking in what seemed like a park. We watch Rory find a manuscript and subsequently publish that manuscript as his own. How the ending of Us reshapes the movie’s ultimate message Decoding the thematic clues of Jordan Peele’s Get Out follow-up By Karen Han @karenyhan Mar 22, 2019, 8:00pm EDT It is my belief that Clay created the fictional Rory and Dora so that he could write this novel as a confession of his plagiarism, without really having to come clean about it. I have the same conclusion, Old Man, Rory and Clay are one and the same. Crowe seemed to lean that direction while talking with Film School Rejects about Vanilla Sky's unused alternate ending: "You want people to understand what you're going for, so the question is, looking at both endings: Did the pendulum swing too much in the direction of us explaining stuff? Which isn’t as good as the plagiarized book … the dialogue is choppy and odd but it tries to tell an interesting story. Clay actually had accepted the fact that he will have to move one, may it be painstakingly, with his mistake. Daniela may not be real, but Clay’s conscience or his deepest talks with himself. Thank you for fixing this movie for me. That's what this film is.". We break down what the ending means, and the many hints to it throughout the movie.

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