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types of dance formations

Lines down and back, all down and up passing through, stars, swing and change, Couples in turn go round other couples; setting, half-circle, change places. There are also different kinds of walk—for example, the chassé, in which one foot slides to the front, side, or back, the other slides to meet it, and then the first slides forward again. Cast into stars on the sides, swap stars, and another cast. Galops down to fetch someone, ends strip willow to middle and make arch, others cast through arch. In many ballroom dances the man and woman remain in the same hold throughout, facing each other or turned slightly to the side.

This does not apply in Latin where solo work usually plays a part. Circle, middles swing ends, arches along lines, stars, baskets, forward and back and. Competing teams are judged by those experienced in formation. Dance Formation Ideas Staggered Line Formations. Except for display, social dances are rarely performed in any strict formation, although dancers may sometimes form themselves spontaneously into lines or circles. Soon it became a competitive dance form. Much postmodern dance uses ordinary movements, such as running or walking, as well as simple swinging, spiraling, or stretching movements that involve the entire body. Step forwards, return, slip steps and return, turn partner, swing on diagonal. [11] There were 22 Latin Teams and 18 Standard teams that compete annually in the World Cup, Below are the Winners of IDSF World Championships, International Style Ballroom: Dance sport, "Classes and Cultures: England 1918–1951", by Ross McKibbin (2000), English amateur dancesport association ltd, History of Dancesport by Dancesport Ireland, Peggy Spencer Talks to BBC about Starting Formation Dancing, German Wikipedia Biography of Roberto Albanese, Certificate of Olympic recognition of IDSF,,,,, XS Latin, Currently the Englands Top Latin Formation Team, TSG Bremerhaven Latin Formation Team Germany, Information about formation dancing in The Netherlands,, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen, FG TSZ Aachen/TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß, Ulaan Sarnai Mongolia, Khatantuul Mongolia, Step in Time, Dance Impression, Old-Forest, KS Kamion Dance Warsaw, Dance Formation A-z Przemysl, Dance Formation SPIN Wodzislaw Slaski, Dance Formation Takt-Chelm, LA CMG Radom. Heads star through and half circle, pass through. In an assemblé the dancer brushes one foot out to the side, front, or back while springing off of the other; the two feet then come together in midair (where they may be beaten), and the dancer lands in the fifth position. Kathak: In types of Indian Dance, Kathak is one which originated in the north Indian land. Circle L and R, 4-ladies-chain, 1s through arches, do-si-dos. A routine is a maximum of 6 minutes long including entry to and from the floor (a walk on and walk off). Lead, chassay, counter-march, do-si-do, swing. Heel & toe x2, go forwards; repeat the other way; clapping; move on. Chassées, lady round man; repeat; balance together, apart, roll accross; repeat; chassées, waltz. Heads fwd and back and do-si-do; sides ditto. Advance/retire, tops down and back, all cast through arch. These are selected by national competitions, such as the British National Championships at the, International competitions have a minimum of 4 countries. Swing, down and back, stars, corners cross, circle and cast. There is much greater use of the torso, which may twist, bend, or crouch, and more rolls and falls, in which the dancer works on or close to the floor.

With opposite, do-si-do and promenade; ditto with partner.

Circle, star, do-si-dos, dip and dive 4 times to move on, basket. Gallop to and fro with all couples joining in one by one.

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