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unforgotten season 2 episode 2 recap

At the beginning of the finale, Hassan (Adeel Akhtar) tells Sara (Badria Timimi) about her dad’s visit.

But by running the two seasons back to back, Masterpiece accidentally reveals how formulaic the rest of the suspects are. Cassie and Sunny investigate another cold case when a suitcase containing a body is dredged up from a river. Daniel Hautzinger May 6, 2018. That and his depression probably stemmed from abuse that he suffered as a child at the hands of a teacher. Perhaps this was not an individual crime after all.

Sunny tells Cassie that thee was a hyoid fracture. With the help of the watchmakers’ guild, detectives Cassie and Sunny track down the initials. She mentions a holiday rental.

By the way, the body is in a grave.

Cassie tries to get more information about the rental property. You can't judge me. James (Kevin McNally) speaks with Mel (Sara Stewart) about Eliot. He also agrees to listen to her past, if she feels the need to divulge it. Pete Carr (Neil Morrissey) prepares to cash the fraudulent check. He suffered from depression, so Tessa eventually assumed he had killed himself.

Unforgotten. Just as Colin tried to protect Flo, Paul Nixon is making a drastic decision to protect his daughter Becca. James has trouble focusing at work. At the beginning of the 4th episode, Colin Osborne (Mark Bonnar) returns home and is confronted by Simon (Charlie Condou). They’re behind on bills and need to buy the boys clothes. The detectives begin looking at places David volunteered – a hospital, a reform school, a children’s charity. Convinced they were found out and in Sara's words "It's over" all three return to their spouses and confess, both to what was done to them and to what they did. She explains that Sara left sex work in early 1990 but that they continued to correspond for a few years. Cassie and Sunny visit James.

Credit: Courtesy of John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures. Chris gets in touch with Tim Finch (Alex Jennings) and lets him know about the break in.

She's trying to keep her past under wraps, but the constant pushing of the cops lead her to confess her past to her husband. With all the suspects this season turning up with alibis, Unforgotten's mystery of who killed David Walker seems unsolvable.

He tries his best to keep up with the latest foreign television shows and movies. Photo: John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures.

Oh. Photo: John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures.

He later tells her that if she wants their marriage to survive, she has to open up to him. The case was handled internally, so there is no police record. Season 2 Episode 2. She tells them that she met a lad while she was supposed to be working.

Nicola Walker is so good here and she is definitely elevated Sanjeev Bhaskar and the rest of the cast. Stuart's next step is to catch Colin and Marion before they find out she and Khan have been asking questions. Neighbor: Half a mile down the road, to the cemetery.

They kiss and Frank returns for food. Find her on Twitter: @Anibundel. Cassie speaks to the press.

She had an entire BOX.

All he wants is ₤5,000 and then he’ll disappear.

Perhaps the S&M got out of hand?

Walker had her do this because "Osborn asked him one question too many." Copy a link to this video to your clipboard.

Hayley’s mother is interested in knowing how her daughter died.

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Read our recaps of the previous and following episodes. One journalist makes a nasty comment and Cassie reacts.

We'll discover the answer next week when Unforgotten concludes. When Cassie and Sunny question Sara, she is distraught that anyone knows about her past as a prostitute – it was a dark time. But this time it's more clear-cut these are victims, their lives ruined enough every day for decades. On top of which, Stuart and Khan have confirmed Colin was in a mental home on the date in question. James calls Eliot and tells him that it has happened. Hassan redoubles his efforts to find proof of her innocence and discovers an entire box's worth of evidence of Sara's whereabouts the day of the murder. Sunny and Cassie are discovering that traumas lurk in the past of many of the people involved in their cold case. The landlord doesn’t remember the specific woman who was renting it (whose name the detectives have from records), but does recall that most of his tenants in that building at the time were prostitutes.

This revelation transforms the investigation and divides Cassie and Sunny. Murray tracks down more information about the rental. And she wanted to believe. Tessa fills in David’s background. Elsie went straight to Marion to apologize for everything. (For those curious about the details of the IRA bombings of that era Tony mentions, here's a list.). Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: You've just tried to add this video to My List. Though considering DS Khan's response to Walker's past, one suspects if it were up to him, and it turned out Tessa did it, he'd thank her and leave.

Sara Mahmoud is now a high school English teacher with higher goals.

Things even get more interesting when our one character from David's past who isn't a suspect, James Gregory, reveals several useful pieces of information: David never told his wife Tessa, he did find he abuser just before he died, and he did confront said abuser, who apparently threatened him.

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