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when where and how is the nsw flag used

The flag is green, with a palm tree on a gold disc in the canton, a gold crescent for the Cocos Malay people in the centre of the flag and a gold southern cross in the fly.

The shield has a gold chief, containing a black diamond, a white sheep's fleece banded gold and a black wheel, representing the principal pursuits of the area: coal mining, farming and grazing, and industry and trade. By the Colonial Defence Act of 1865 it became lawful for any Colony, subject to certain conditions, to provide and maintain its own vessels of war, and these were authorised to wear the Blue Ensign with the seal or badge of the Colony in the fly. Flag Date Use Description 1950s–1966 Car Flag of the Prime Minister of Australia: The Australian national flag defaced with the coat of arms of Australia placed between the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross. The shield is supported by a lion, representing England, and a kangaroo, representing Australia.

Nevertheless, it continues to be the official state flag of New South Wales, and both the state coat of arms and the personal standard of the governor are based on its badge.
The flag was designed in 2003 becoming official in 2004. The top third features three designs. Anderson and first flown in 1953. Use of the flag. A five-pointed star and traditional headdress in white, on a blue, green and black background. An orange ensign with a Saint George's Cross in the canton, and a Southern Cross with a Saint Edward's Cross above it and an open book below it in the fly.

A tricolour of dark blue (navy); red (army) and light blue (airforce) with the Triservice badge. It also refers to the State's continuing progress and development.

In the 1970s & 1980s, the NSW flag was flown at many State Governmentfacilities such as bus depots, hospitals, ambulance stations etc. A white swallow-tail fly, with a crest featuring the Rose of, A British White Ensign, featuring the cross in blue with five white stars. The main emblem is a. The red lion is from the Tasmanian flag – and its location at the top of the shield signifies Hobart's position as the Capital City. The arms in the top right belong to the first Lord Mayor of Sydney, Thomas Hughes. Blue background divided into four quarters by a Saint George's Cross outlined in gold overlain with the Arms of the City of Adelaide. It includes the Union Jack and the NSW badge. An orange ensign with the Australian flag in the canton and an open book surmounted by a Saint Edward's Crown in the lower fly. Saint George's Cross overlaid with the City of Perth Coat of Arms in the centre. A crowned lion standing on a crown on a blue field. The Australian national flag defaced with "AUSTRALIAN BORDER FORCE", The Australian national flag defaced with "BORDER FORCE", The Australian national flag defaced with "CUSTOMS", The Australian national flag defaced with "HMC", The Australian national flag defaced with "HMC AUSTRALIA". New South Wales Flags & Emblems.

It was the, British Blue Ensign, with yellow Southern Cross and white border, to which branch names were added, A British White Ensign, featuring six blue bars. The crest is a lighthouse, for the Nobby's Head lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour, and sits on a helmet with mural crown (city status) and blue, green and gold mantling. The State Flag with a yellow field and crowned southern cross.

The cross of St George, combined with four eight-pointed […]
The badge was granted in 1876 and is used both on its own and in the State flag. The colour used on the arms Lord Hobart was, in fact, sable (black), rather than blue.

A Blue Ensign defaced with the Commonwealth Star (with 6 points) in the lower hoist quarter and the five stars of the Southern Cross in the fly half (all stars had seven points, except the smallest star only had 5 points).

Flown by vessels on the lower reaches of the Murray River, predominantly in South Australia. The NSW Coat of Arms was granted by King Edward VII in Oct 1906. The badge was granted in 1876 and is used both on its own and in the State flag. Clay Moss, 13 January 2007. A green field with a white square containing a green, Red Ensign as approved by King Edward VII, Red version of the 1901 Federal Flag Design Competition winner. The English Naval Flag in the centre acknowledges the role Arthur Philip played in Sydney's foundation. The three white rings in the flag intersect to create eight spaces from their loops and exterior, symbolising the unity of the eight amalgamated former councils. This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 07:57. A Blue Ensign defaced by a white circle containing the British Crown plus a shield containing the Southern Cross. This is a list of flags of different designs that have been used in Australia. Flag of the Grand Orange Lodge of Australia. The crown used is the. The badge of NSW consists of the red cross of St George with a golden lion in the centre within a white circle. It was during his term of office that the title of Mayor became Lord Mayor, and the official coat of arms for the city was granted. A black and red flag with a yellow circle in the middle. The national flag with a light blue field, the Southern Cross tilted and the RAAF roundel (Kangaroo) placed in the lower fly.

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