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which sentence best describes a regressive tax?

We need you to answer this question! B)proportional.

10 days ago, Posted Question: Which best describes a regressive tax? justin: i got... Jared is sufffering from a problem on one knee.

3. Is the US post office closed for Yom Kippur? one year ago, Posted A) charges rich people more B) is higher or harmful activities C) puts, Most state and local income taxes are either A. progressive or flat B. regressive or flat C. progressive.

Answers (1) William is six year younger than three times alex's age william is 33 years old.

Ask a Similar Question. Given: lines a and b are parallel and line c is a transversal. Assume that y2is sufficiently small that everyone wants to consume more than y2in the second period of life. What part of the liturgical calendar are flowers removed from the sanctuary?

1 2. Regressive taxes place a higher burden on people who earn less compared to wealthier tax payers. … What is the complication part of biag ni lam-ang? D)equitable. Pioneers who journeyed to the west moved quickly through mountain passes to avoid traveling through rainstorms, which made trails slick and wet. B. Regressive taxes place a higher burden on wealthy tax payers compared to people who earn less. Which sentence best describes the types of skills and personal qualities needed in the workplace? 11 months ago, Posted Document #1 Homespun Movement Great Britain’s efforts to modernize the Indian economy brought industrial manufacturing to the colony through the building of textile factories. Ask your question .

: It is taxation by the back door, but it is an unequal and largely regressive tax. One reason for concern about the … a. regressive taxes place a higher burden on people who earn less compared to wealthier tax payers. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser. 2. New Questions. Under which of these market classifications does each of the following most accurately fit?

A tax that takes a fixed percentage of income regardless of the taxpayer's level of income. This site is using cookies under cookie policy. How many lbs of apples are in each pile, Phil agrees to work for vacation resorts, inc., as a chef.

In the country of Classica, we have information on the following economic activities in the year 2019:*Consumption stood at $1 billion worth of new goods and services, 20% of which were bought by foreigners residing there. Were the solution steps not detailed enough? Access 3.6 million answers at $2/month.

Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. i could show you this in his own writing, if you were able to... What is darrow’s main argument and the claims he makes in this excerpt? Which sentence best describes a regressive tax? Get the detailed answer: Which sentence best describes a regressive tax?

A. Manufacturers add this to the price they charge for their cars.

prove: 2 is supplementary to 8 what is the missing reason in the proof? Which of the following tax systems could NOT be structured to satisfy conditions of vertical equity?
don't give any unnecessary answers or I will report......​. give some example​, sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), please do it urgently I need it.

(iii) Regressive taxes result in poor taxpayers paying no taxes. The government taxes automobile manufacturers about $400 per vehicle.

Given: lines a and b are parallel and line c is a... Jorge wants to determine the enlarged dimensions o... Jeff's response to justin assumes that justin is f... Jared is sufffering from a problem on one knee. ..." in History if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions.

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