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who started world war 2

Many studies said that more than 60 million people died in the war, mostly civilians. World War II began on September 1, 1939, as Germany invaded Poland. [42], Then Germany began an air battle over Britain to prepare for a landing on the island,[43] but the plan was finally canceled in September. [138] More than 10 million Chinese civilians were made slaves and had to work in mines and war factories. [40][41] Later, when the two could not agree to work more closely together, relationships between them became worse to the point of war. On September 1 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland. [165], The style of war on the land changed from World War I to be more moveable. is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. [34] Then, in April 1940, Germany decided to attack Norway and Denmark so that it would be safer to transport iron ore from Sweden. This page was last changed on 25 August 2020, at 02:27. In December 1941 came Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor against the United States. One was directly controlled by Germany and Italy,[38] and the other was unoccupied Vichy France. [57], By November 1941, the Commonwealth counter-attacked the Axis in North Africa and got all the land it lost before. Only Britain remained fighting against the Axis in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. [55], By December, the Red Army facing the Axis army had received more soldiers from the east. The British improved weapons for destroying submarines, such as sonar, while the Germans improved submarine tactics.

Under Rommel's command, by the end of April 1941, the Commonwealth army was pushed back to Egypt again. The Soviet Union controlled the Eastern part, and the Western Allies controlled the Western part.

By 1943, it was able to produce up to 50 million barrels of oil in the Dutch East Indies. Even though vehicles became more used in the war, infantry remained the main part of the army,[168] and most equipped like in World War I. The two sides were the Allies (at first China, France and Britain, joined by the Soviet Union, United States and others) and the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan). The surrender documents were formally signed on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945, ending the war. After that, the Soviets began a big counter-attack. frederickdixon . The Japanese victories were stopped in 1942, and in that same year the Soviets won the huge Battle of Stalingrad.

Although there had been some collaboration between the Soviet Union and Germany earlier, this event made it serious. There are many reasons why World War 2 started. The Army of India and other forces expelled them in early 1944. Charles de Gaulle, End of German Third Reich A new Allied offensive, drove the Axis west across Libya a few months later,[72] just after the Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa forced it to join the Allies. By April 1942, many South East Asian countries: Burma, Malaya, the Dutch East Indies and Singapore, had almost fallen to the Japanese. The war led to strong irredentism and revanchism. [128] About 85% of the total deaths were on the Allies side, and the other 15% were on the Axis.
By November the Germans had nearly taken Stalingrad, however the Soviets were able to surround the Germans during winter[69] After heavy losses, the German army was forced to surrender the city in February 1943.

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